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Details of the first round of Cooperation

Multiple Countries

Multiple countries are not allowed.


Clans are allowed.

Team Server

Countries cannot leave a clan once they have joined it and ingame alliances can only be sent to clan members.

Turn Rate

Turns are given every 24 minutes.

Maximum Turns

Countries can hold a maximum of 240 (480) turns.

Extra Start Turns

Initial countries are awarded 180 extra turns at the start.

Time to Market

The minimum time for market goods to arrive on the market is 4 hours. The maximum time is 6 hours.

Time on Market

Unsold goods stay on the market for a user-specified amount of time between 24 and 1440 hours.

Public Market Tech Floor

Technology priced at or below $500 is automatically purchased on the public market.

Planned Strikes

A planned strike brigade is unavailable for 23 hours after launching.

Planned Strike Limit

Each country can launch up to 2 Planned Strikes per day. Available Planned Strikes refresh at midnight game time.

Spyops per Day

A country can carry out a maximum of 5 spy operations per day.

Bomb Banks

The spy operations Bomb Banks, Raid Food Stores, and Raid Oil Reserves steal resources and do not destroy them.

Attacking Losses

The base percentage for Standard Strike military attacking losses is 98%.

Medical Technology

Medical technology reduces military attacking losses.

Unused Acres

Unused acres cannot be dropped.


Humanitarians will never protest and will not prevent attacks.

Ingame Alliances

This following ingame alliances are not permitted: defensive and trade

Jet Expenses

Base military expenses for jets are $0.20.

Tech Networth

Tech points are worth 4 networth each instead of 2 networth.

Major Change Set

The Major Change Set number of this server is 25.

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