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Bonus points can be earned through voting and other activities. Spending bonus points can provide countries with extra turns, extra income, and other permanent benefits.
Bonus Descriptions
Turns Turns are a country's most valuable resource. Gaining extra turns can increase a country's short term and long term growth. The cost of 1 extra turn is 2 bonus points.
Income events Picking one of the four income events triggers a boom event on your country's next turn. These events are a great way to increase short term production.
Building Costs The building cost bonus is a permanent bonus. Once purchased, the effects will never decay or expire. Investing in lowering building costs makes it cheaper both to construct and destroy buildings.
Defense Investing in this permanent bonus will increase your country's military defending strength. If a country has a 5% defensive bonus, other countries will need to send 5% more attacking units to successfully attack that country. A country's defensive bonus can be viewed with a normal spy op or with a military spy op.
Luck Luck is the subtlest of the permanent bonuses. Investing in luck will lead to better explore returns, greater missile production, and lower market times. In addition, lucky countries have a greater chance of getting spy ops against countries with better spy networks and a greater chance of successfully attacking when oversending.
Expenses This permanent bonus decreases monetary military expenses. Investing in this bonus will decrease the money needed to pay your military units each turn.
Private Market Units This permanent bonus increases the rate at which units appear for sale on your country's private market.
Resource Decay This permanent bonus decreases bushel decay and corruption. Whenever a country plays a turn, it loses 0.1% of its bushels due to bushel decay. If a country plays a turn with more than $2,000,000,000 cash on hand, it loses 0.1% of its cash above $2 billion. Investing in this bonus decreases the amount of resources lost to decay.
GDI Countries in GDI can activate this bonus to eliminate GDI costs. However, countries with this bonus are unable to leave GDI for any reason for the rest of the round.
Reduce Earthquake Damage Activate this permanent bonus to retrofit your buildings with construction techniques that reduce earthquake damage by 95%.