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Free For All Clan: Masterful Swords of Justice (MasterC)

Seventh round: Jan 25, 2011 - Mar 27, 2011
Homepage: http://swords.ghqnet.com/
Recruitment message: Masterful Swords of Justice is looking for new and experience players to join us in the hunt for war. We are an established war clan that has been on this server for over 15 years. if you are interested in joining our family, please apply at http://swords.ghqnet.com/
Clan Standings
Membership Rank30 of 41
Total Networth Rank23 of 41
Average Networth Rank22 of 41
Players in Green are under protection or on vacation.
Players in Red have been destroyed.
Players in Purple have been deleted for rules violations.
Players in Yellow are Non-Player Countries.
Special Codes
M=Monarchy D=Democracy R=Republic H=Theocracy C=Communism I=Dictatorship T=Tyranny F=Fascism
1236 roll tide (#5480)  Game profile 6850$1,173,987 T
1244 mean (#5473)  Game profile 6725$1,124,338 T
1355 america F yeah (#5815)  Game profile 5860$655,767 T
1460 iggy (#3455) 2338$333,905 M

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