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Jun 5th 2019, 4:06:40

King Wilson's Theocracy Tech Seller/Buyer-Reseller Strategy
Story By: King Wilson -- Posted On: 8/15/00

Ok, please do not give this strategy to anyone unless you ask me first. The goal is for this to only go to those that we know. We don’t want everyone with a good strategy do we? :o)
Note: This is written for a FFA reset. It can be used for Tourney and 1A, although you may need to alter a few things. My advice, try it out in FFA, learn it, then you tweak it for yourself

Ok, first off, startup. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR GOVERNMENT. Leave it at monarchy for now. The reason for this is, in a theocracy, you sell stuff on the private market (ex. Selling spies to build) for 90 bucks, but Monarchy sells for 120, so since you can change to Theocracy later on without any penalty, stay at Monarchy.

Set your production to 100% spies, and your tax rate to 35%. Now, start building, build just industrial and construction sites. Basically, your BPT will get really important depending on what you decide to do later on, but you also need the industrial zones now to build. So it’s up to you. Just remember that later on you’re going to need high BPT (Buildings Per Turn). So build, sell spies as you need to so you can keep building, and so on. When you run out of land, explore 4 turns or so, and when you get low on food, buy some if you can, or build some farms for now (later you will tear down any farms you have and any other building you get that you don’t need)

Now, one thing you will find about this strategy is it leaves a lot up to you. You need to decide when you are comfortable with the amount of industrial zones you have. The reason you have them is so that you can sell the spies you make to build more, and also to build jets for your first few landgrabs, if you decide to do that (more on this later). When you believe that you have enough, being building ONLY research zones. Bear in mind you do need to mix in some construction sites, because you have got to get that BPT up. Anyway, regardless of what you do, STOP at 99 turns. Wait until you have 75, and start building again. All research with a little construction (I’d recommend 20% of your turns spent on construction)

Hopefully you are reading this before you use it :O), because you have a decision to make. Are you going to play it completely by the rules, or are you going to cheat? By this, I mean how are you going to get your land? At some point, exploring will become a joke, when you get below, say 15-20 acres a turn, it’s worthless to explore. Your two options are too go it legal and “land-grab” all of your acres, or you can run slightly illegal “land-farms”, and attack countries YOU make with NO defense with next to no offense. It’s your choice. Land-farms are against the rules, but in a moment I will explain how to do it and NOT get caught. I am a self-admitted farmer myself :o). Anyway, here is an explanation of what to do to farm

First, you make as many countries as you think you need (for one country, I’d say 5). Set the government at Republic, the tax at 35%, and the production at 25% spies and 75% jets. Build just industrial and construction, and explore as much as you can. Your goal is to make this land-fat as hell! Anyway, it’s not hard to make a farm. Get the BPT of it high, because the quicker you can build, the more you can explore (you can only explore when ½ of your hands are full). Of course, later on, those jets come in handy, as you landgrab to make yourself fat.

If you do farm, what you do is you buy about 1000 troops, and attack the farms with 1 troop, and you win, you get land, build on it, so on

Now, here comes how you do that and not get caught

First off, make sure you have downloaded both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. You need them both. Now, pick one of them to play your main game through (I play my main games through Explorer and my farms through Netscape), and then play all your farms through the other. THIS IS IMPORTANT. NEVER mess up, and log into the wrong one. IE, you play our netgainer through Explorer, but on accident go into it through Netscape. The reason for this is the way the game tracks IP, the different browsers change it enough so that you can get away with it. But if you log into the wrong one, it will think that yesterday you played those games, now you’re hitting them, you’re farming, under suspension! Basically, when you do this right, it thinks you’re 2 different people on 2 different computers. It’s fool proof if you do it right

Now, what to do if you do not want to farm

First off, you need to realize, that you attack others and get land, you need military. Now, you can get this through industrial production. You will have to decide how much industrial zones you need. Right now, as I’m writing this I’ve started a new game and am following this to make sure there are no kinks, and I’m getting enough with 200 zones, but it is up to YOU how much you really need. Anyway, here’s basically what you do. When exploring gets you less than 20 acres, start grabbing. Either look at your scores page, or search, for people who have equal or lesser NW than you (lesser is better), but TONS more land than you have. This most likely means most of their NW is in land, and not in military. These are your friends ;o). Now, long before this, you need to change a few things. First, change your production to 75% jets, and 25% spies. When you think you’re good to go, look for targets, and do one Standard Strike against them. Win or lose, only attack once, and send a letter to them telling them it was only a landgrab. The goal is to keep from pissing people off to where they want to kill you. A good rule of thumb is to avoid clans who have a 1:1 retal policy, such as Might, among others.

That’s basically the basics of it. You need around 3100 acres to start the strat, once you have 3100 acres…

Switch to theocracy

Begin by tearing any non Research land down, and building it into Research labs, except construction sites, leave them. Put all your land into Research, if you have 3200 acres, you should have, say, 3100 research labs, and 100 construction zones.

Once you have around 3100 research labs (this will allow you to research 1000 points of tech every turn), spend your day teching. It’s up to you what you tech, make sure you tech what’s going to sell. Early on, Industrial will sell good, so will Enterprise and Residential, Military, etc. They’re all needed by everyone else. So let’s presume you tech nothing but Industrial your first day of teching. Let’s assume you wait a full day, so you have 24 turns, plus 6 for not playing for 16 hours, plus 4 freebies (I believe the go-to turns have been eliminated). 34 turns. You should end up with 34,000 points of tech. You’ll be able to sell 25% of that, so do so. That comes out to over 8,000 points of tech you sell. Now, sell them for as much as you can, but so high that they won’t sell. As of this writing tech is going for around 1700 a point, so your first day, you would end up with 13,600,000 dollars. Now, the question is, what do you do with that cash? That’s easy, you buy military, and re-sell it for profit

Theocracy is unique because you buy military for crazy cheap. Here is a breakdown of your costs

Troops-90 Dollars

Jets-122 Dollars

Turrets-130 Dollars

Tanks-368 Dollars

And here is what, at the time of this writing, they were selling for

Troops-107 Dollars

Jets-145 Dollars

Turrets-146 Dollars

Tanks-455 Dollars

I think you see what I’m talking about. There is more than enough room for profit there. And the big money is in tanks. When the market is right, you will make 100 dollars per tank. That is where you get rich!

To begin, look at the market and see what the prices are. I would suggest that you begin by buying and reselling tanks and turrets. Since you can only sell 25% of what you buy, you will have the left-over for defense.

What you do, is you buy the items on your PRIVATE markets (go through “purchases”), and sell them on your PUBLIC market (go to “market”, and then “sell goods”, this is where you go to sell tech to, go to “sell tech”). Sell them for as much as you can, but do not price them too high that they won’t sell. The prices above are usually pretty safe. If you feel like being risky, go higher. It’s up to you.

From now on, that is what you will do. You will spend all of your turns each day researching, you will sell the tech, and then on your last turn, but as much of your private market as you can, sell as much as you can on the public market. It’s easy, and it’s a QUICK way to play a game, you can play these countries in about 30 seconds.

You should notice as you get more and more money from tech and from re-selling, your bank account grows very, very fat. Now, at some point, you’re going to buy all the tanks, turrets, jets, and troops you can, and food (like I said, I hope you’re reading this all the way through before you play, you need to make sure you’re buying food for your people ;o), and then when you buy all you can, you still have lots of money left.

What do you do?

That’s a tricky question. It will be a very important one to decide when you find yourself with 100,000,000 dollars sitting there doing nothing. Here are a few options

#1-Save it

This is the safest thing to do. I never do it though :O). If you do, just save the money, and later on spend it at the end of the reset on military

#2-buy “deals” on the public market

This is a little tricky. While normally, troops will be 105-110, sometimes a guy will drop them at 95. Now, you wouldn’t buy them when you don’t have extra money, because you can buy them for 90 on your private market. But when you have extra cash sitting around, 95 isn’t bad, because you buy it at 95, sell it at 110, still profit, and the money isn’t just sitting there, it’s making more. Now, this gets tricky, though. What about 101? 4-10 bucks profit, at best? Is it worth it? What if the market went down tomorrow, and you couldn’t get your money back? It’s all supply and demand, and you have to decide this for yourself. It’s all the same, you can go safe and be guaranteed normal NW, or go risky and risk it all. My advice, play 2 or 3 netgainers, and on one, go risky, you might end up screwed, or it might just win the game.

#3-buy oil

Much like the one above, this is tricky. Oil really fluctuates, I’ve seen it at 3 dollars, I’ve seen it at 10. It all depends on war. If things are peaceful ,all people are using oil for is to landgrab, and you won’t get rich this way. If it’s a war reset, people are not only using it for landgrabs, they’re using it to bomb people’s asses and to AB them into parking lots. Oil might go up. You might have bought it over time for 2 and 3 bucks, but it might be at 10 now. Profit. It’s up to you. You have to decide how cautious you’re going to be

#4-buy food

Just like #3, sometimes you can buy it really cheap, and later on something happens to push it up, and you make crazy profit. Again, you need to decide what’s right for you

#5-buy tech

This can be tricky also, and as usual, up to you, but sometimes, you can buy tech for really cheap, and later on, something will happen to push that above what you paid for it, and you can make mad profit. A good example is SDI. When huge wars break out, this is gonna go up, if you’re got plenty in storage, you’re going to make out like a bandit

Now, this is the first draft of this strategy. I expect to have to write this again a couple times with updates. If you can think of other things to do with the extra cash, e-mail me, and I will add it

That’s the basic gist of the strat. Research, buy stuff on the private market, sell it on the public, make profit. Repeat. When you get cash leftover, figure out how to invest it, and so on.

Now, you have to decide what to do with all the money you’re making. Obviously, you’re not going to end the reset with a couple billion in the bank. You’re going to buy military. It’s up to you when you do it. Some people start 2 weeks before the end, some people get fluffy and do it all the last day. It’s up to you. The goal is to end the reset with no cash left, as much military, and as high NW as possible. The good thing about starting a little early is you can pick and choose, wait for fair prices, and so on. If you end with a ton of money in the bank, you have failed ;o). Remember, you’re making this money, to buy the military at the end.

I hope that this gives you a good idea of what do you. Like any strat, play with things to figure out stuff that works better for you. It’s open ended.

One thing that you can vary is land. I wrote this for 3100 acres, but what about 6200? Double the tech. But of course, you’d go longer before you could buy and resell good. At what point does the added tech per turn become overweighed by the lost time you could have used to tech and buy/resell? Plus, extra land makes you open to grabs (when you’re highly ranked with 3100 acres, no one will grab you, everyone will be twice you, but when you’re 6200, you’ll a target). You can decide this. Again, I suggest you insure yourself, try one at just 1000 tech, and try another at 2000, and see which does better.

Anyway, there you go, my Theocracy Tech Seller/Buyer-Reseller Strat. Good luck with it

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old and not used strat.
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someone update this strat please
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Patience: Yep, I'm with ELK and Marshal.

ELKronos: Patty is more hairy.

Gallery: K at least I am to my expectations now.

LadyGrizz boobies is fine

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Is this strat by somebody in SoL, Arrow or Rage? It sucks *laugh*

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I like the cheating part, just switch browsers hahaha.

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Originally posted by HH:
I like the cheating part, just switch browsers hahaha.

Still works

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Yeah switching browsers changes your ip. Whoever wrote this was a retard :)

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