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Cichlds's Yet Another Theo Techer Reseller
Story By: Cichld -- Posted On: 8/15/00

Before taking any turns set tax rate to 35%, sell your 100 troops, then change government to a Theocracy and set production to 100% spies.
Build 14 industrial sites and then sell spies on purchase menu. Then build 4 construction sites. Continue in this manner to build industrial sites and constructions sites alternating so that by turn 100 you have at least 60 constructions sites. (After each turn sell spies or after every couple of turns if you are less ambitious). Early on explore whenever possible but don't let it tell you exploration was halted because you get less land on that turn. This allows you to not have to build farms.

At about turn 65 set production to 60% turrets and 40% jets these numbers can be moved a bit depending on how aggressive you want to be comming out of protection. The goal is to get 20k of whatever you produce as quick as possible so you can start reselling. To sell the min of 5000 of a unit you need 20k+)

After turn 100 continue to ambitiously build industrial complexes and construction sites. Explore for land up to about 1500 acres and then begin to grab to gain land.

As soon as you have 20k of a unit, at the end of your turns sell as many of your units as you can on the public market. (After they sell play your turns before you buy all you can from your private market. Only buy enough at the begin of your turns to be able to attack). You will then have plenty of money to finance your turns. Grab 1 to 2 times a day. Early on use planned strikes and attack once a day. Continue to build 8-12 construction sites a day.

As soon as possible, at the end of your turns when you buy units with left over money buy tanks and troops off purchase menu. When you buy them make sure your first purchase is for over 20k of them so you can begin reselling them this may not happen until after your switch to teching). Early in a game Tanks and troops have the highest profit when selling so you want to get them as early as possible, but do not change production to get them.

(Stop and check make sure you have no other buildings besides construction sites and Industrial complexes. If you do tear them down and build cs's and ic's)

Once you reach 2500 acres it is time to switch to teching (Note: it is important to have about 75bpt or more at this point). The switch will take 2 days to do. Use money from selling your units to finance this switch. Before you run out of money while switching stop and sell more units to fund rest of switch the following day. (When switching only tear down as many buildings as you can produce in one turn.) Tear down and a group of buildings and build research labs. note: you will still be getting units from the industrial complexes that are left while switching this is why you don't want to destroy them all at once). When you have finished switching you should still keep about 300 industrial complexes and set your production to 100% spies. The rest of your buildings should now be research labs and Construction sites.

At this point it is important to get offensive, defensive, and research allies so start messaging those around you and propose alliance to them.

Continue to grow by attacking 1-2 times a day, attack aggressively by attacking the fattest person you can hit and win. (When attacking an easy rule of thumb to use is to add up your attacking power, I like to base everything off the jet for ease.

2 troops = 1 jet,
1 tank= 2 jets.

Once you have added up all you attacking units you should attack the fattest guy you can that you are able to send the equivalent number of jets based off what you just added so that it is greater than 0.4*(The guy you want to attacks networth) i.e. if you have 100k troops 500k jets and 50k tanks you have the equivalent of 650k jets in striking power(50k*2+500k+100/2=650) so you could attack someone worth 1.6mil and most likely win(1.6mil*.4=640k).

While teching focus on teching Business, residential, military and weapons techs at first. Later in the reset begin to tech lots of sdi also.

Continue growing up to about 12k acres. Continue to build only research labs and Construction sites. Keep enough of your captured industrial sites that they cover about 5-10% of your land. 5% if you plan to tech all the way and 10% if you plan to go mb/reseller later. Destroy all other buildings you capture and build research labs and construction sites. At this point you Build per turn should be over 100. Sell 1/4 of your military twice a day and sell your tech 1 time each day. Log on just twice a day to do this so you still get 1 bonus of 3 turns for being off for 12hrs. Try to buy units only from your private market. It is important to stay as fat as you can get away with so your private market will be larger. (private market grows only by the amount of land you have). Continue teching with every turn you can spare.

Now is the decision time. Do you want to go Techer all the way (Strongly recommended for tourney) or do you want to go mb/reseller. I will outline both.

First the mb reseller if you chose to tech the whole way skip this). At about 12k acres start to build military bases. On newly acquired land build half of it with mb's and half with research labs. When you begin to near 18k stop building research labs and only build military bases Through out this still build Construction sites also). When you get to 20k acres your land should be at about 70%research labs and 30% military bases when I say about it is because you will have about 5% of your land covered with industrial complexes producing spies and you have construction sites). At this point stop selling tech. Only finance your turns with reselling. Through this shift in land you still want to tech as much as possible, you will lose some teching power going 70/30 but it will be worth it. After 4-5 days of just teching and reselling you are ready to make your switch to full mb/reseller. You need to have about 120bpt by this point. It will cost a little over 1bil and take about 5 days. Fund the switch with selling stockpiled tech, but don't sell too much of it as you will need to keep high tech levels at this point to help keep tech maxed even after you grow more. the majority of what you use to fund the switch will be reselling money. When you are nearly out of money tech the rest of your turns, as long as you are teching over about 1500 a turn and sell tech and units with your last two turns.

Once you have made the full switch you should be at about 94% military bases and have maxed military tech at 91%. Continue to grab agresively and build your land acquired with mb's. Keep only about 5% industrial complexes. Grab up to about 40k-45k acres and then sit. You should be there at about 3 weeks before the end of the game. Stockpile throughout this time, even well before the last 3 weeks, but make sure to stay in or around the top ten, otherwise don't stockpile.

You can now sell off all of your tech besides military and SDI while prices are still good. You will only spend 2 turns a day so you don't need those techs. Continue to gain networth and with about a week left sell off your stockpile and make your jump.

Now for those who want to continue teching. continue to grow by aggressively grabbing once or twice a day and get to about 45k acres with about 3 weeks left in the reset. Continue to build labs and keep about 5% of you land with industrial complexes. As a techer it is much more important to stockpile to keep expenses down. Stockpile as much as you can while keeping enough military on hand to grab and defend your fatness. When expenses become very great save up your turns and sell units twice without buying from private market and then tech. After finishing teching buy from your private market and sell tech. Save up turns and repeat this. With about a week left sell off your stockpile and tech (except military and sdi) and make your jump.

(Note: as a theo techer you will be continually be vulnerable to attacks being that 25% of your units are on the market and your SDI maxes out a little over 60% so you will only as successful as those around you will let you be, never discount the importance of luck in this strat)

Might's comment Not bad ... but i recommend that if you do indeed want to play reseller you should do it from the start. to covert and 18K is simply too risky. you will be TOO prone to landgrabs as your networth starts to plummet.

My suggestion: build 500 ic, than explore and build to 2500 labs. research military like crazy than blow up your labs to build MB's. Lg and grow ... buy SDI and Military tech as you get bigger. You should be selling three times a day for the first 2/3 of the reset. forget the free turns. just spend your turns attacking and building. you will gain land very fast.

Cichlid's reply:
Might, if you do mb reseller from the start it is very slow going. You need a high nw/land ratio to make reselling effective and at the beginning nw/land ratio's are pretty low. Also if you don't go through a teching phase you have to buy the the mil-tech to get down to 91%.

Other than a commie/indy, teching is the fastest start and it quickly catches and passes the indies. The beginning tech market is lucrative and will get you to the top much quicker than starting out with mb's...

I've tried starting with mb's and it just doesn't compare to doing the tech start. The only other option that may work well is to tech to about 5-10k acres and then switch, but the 20k acres switch isn't as bad as it sounds with reselling along the way you don't even drop in the ranks much at all. They way I wrote that you begin building mb's at 12kacres also.

Teching is probably the best strat through mid game, but then dies off due to the market crashing and upkeep costs due to reselling also can be avoided by selling twice a day without buying until after the second but this leaves you vulnerable). Late game cashers are the most powerful, but closesly rivaled by mb reselling since mb resellers can keep going after others have jumped. By mixing early to mid teching with a switch to mb reseller you get a strat that is able to reach huge nw's in any game.