Jul 6th 2018, 8:42:22

Its been a while since I have played casher (10+ years lol)- back then it was a grabbing rep casher, then the lazy-ass all-x rep in alliance. I remember all the arguments about 11:10 ent:res vs 1:1 ent:res etc. I just set them as 1:1 ent:res and bus:res tech.

Theo casher - obviously it is viable with +50% max pop. Does this change the mix of ent/res in the beginning? what about tech in the beginning? Is it worth trying to get PCI up nice and high whilst letting the greater max pop take care of itself? What is an ideal tech % to maintain whilst grabbing?

I'm trying a late start on express.




Jul 6th 2018, 14:36:57

ideal tech is always near max (depending techprices).

short techphase is nearly always good to get bit techs and income and if you plan to grab land then milstrat and weapon techs are scarce early so for better results is to tech those bit too besides busi and resi.

ent and res ratio should be same as on rep casher.
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Jul 7th 2018, 3:07:32

ok - so as I was then.

Seriously enjoying playing theo casher...... no having to buy weapons tech or think of a 0.8 multiplier when calculating a break.