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Dragun's Tech Strat
Story By: Dragun -- Posted On: 8/15/00

The Techproducer
This strategy is the best netgaining strategy around. You can research about 50-70% of your turns, and yet be able to hang in there with the other strategies around. The dumbest thing to do though is to be a techfighter. That way you won't make any netgaining turns and will lose against the other players while there is a war or if you're going to kill off somebody. It's better if you stay out of those actions and netgain instead. And when you want to netgain, i.e. 100% teching, you can get yourself to top spot (if you want to) in no time. The only problem with the techer is expansion which will be addressed later on.

The techer is among the most difficult strategies to run, it seems, since almost nobody who wins or is top ten seems to be a techer. But in other games, 2A for an example, people have won many times using the techstrategy. But I can't guarantee you that you'll get top ten with it, but I can tell you that if you play techer and play it correctly you'll have a chance of winning. Playing the techer won't take very much time if you'll gain all day; you need to expand and for that you need time. So how to play?

How to play the strategy

You need to play the industrialist startup to be able to play techer the rest of the game. You should preferably be republic, since you won't lose those important construction sites because of the revolution. Get yourself up to 400 construction sites as fast as possible and switch to techer. Now you have lost some networth and are rather fat compared to countries around you. So what you do now is tech all the time and sell one third of everything on the market. Then the day after you have lots of cash and you buy loads of troops. You can repeat this until you've reached top 50. That should take about two or three days. All you need to check is that you don't get any food shortages, so buy food from the public market once you've logged in. After you've reached a stable top 50 place you can start expanding. Then you transform your troops to jets. Your military units in percentage should be:

70% jets, 15% troops, 10% tanks and 5% turrets. You should grab and build about 15-20 turns of your day the first two weeks, and then tech. After the first month the tech price will go down slightly so grab and expand 10-15 turns a day, then tech. But now you can grab larger and fatter targets than before. The techer shouldn't have any other buildings than research labs and construction sites. People rarely use spy ops against you unless you are in the top 10 or in war. If you are a top 10 player before the last two weeks, it's your own fault. If you're at war, tough luck, your country isn't fit for fighting anyway. So IF you want to have those (damn) industrials, keep at the tops 100 of them. I.e. if you have 10k acres your building structure should be: 9500 research labs, 400 construction sites, 100 industries. How much to put out the tech for The first two weeks of being a techer you can easily increase the price of the tech by about 100$ and still be able to get everything sold. When prices hit about 2500 and below, only increase the price with about 50$.

Then when it gets down to 2100 and below you should put out at the even hundred (I.e. if tech is out for 2143, you should put out for 2100). Play and mixture with the tech-prices. Many players have learnt that you should put out for 2199 and so on. So what you should do is that you'll put tech out for 2198 or 2498… use this to be certain that your techs gets sold.

What to research?
The most important thing for a techer is to… research. Yes, that's right ladies and gentlemen. But what should one research? Well, it depends. I'll go through the techs one by one and explain how important (what priority) they are depending on the time of the game. Note that these tech-percentages imply after you've got your tech sold and are logging in, not after you've teched your turns.

Military tech - This tech is important almost all the time, exception for the first two weeks or so when you don't buy too much units and it doesn't matter too much. But then you should try to keep it around 90%, below preferably, specially if you're a techer. Priority-two tech. Medical tech - The medical tech is not one of my favourites, since I play techer, but is really useful for fighters and really expansionistic players. Not very useful until after a month to six weeks. Usually around 85% is ok, but if you want to have lots of tech you need to have around 70%. Priority-three.

Business and residential techs - These techs are the most important of the game. Combined they give you almost the quadruple (!) income if you have high levels of these techs. You'll need these from the second week of the game, after your switch. You should as a techer have a positive revenue each turn most of the game since you should be landfat, and to be able to have that you need to have lots of business and residential tech.

200% and more for republics, around 195% for others. Priority-one tech.

Agricultural tech - This tech is worthless unless you want to be a farmer boy. You should have 195% of this tech if you're a farmer but only around 1000 points if not. No priority tech.

Warfare tech - This tech truly sucks. You don't need high levels in this tech since missiles are worthless if you are a big country and if you are a small country: Why didn't you follow the strats? No priority tech.

Weapons tech - This tech is really useful since it can strengthen your army 1.5 times. You need these in war and outside wars when you're expanding. This tech could mean the difference between a successful and a failed landgrab many times. Important from your first grab and until you stop grabbing. This tech you should have at least 140% of. Preferably more, 150% if you're republic. Priority-two tech.

Industrial tech - This tech is like the agri-tech: Strategybound. Well, not the first three or four weeks, since the price is usually a lot higher than the other techs, so if you think it it's worth it you might want to make some extra cash by researching a pointless tech. 135% for industrialist, or else almost nothing. No priority tech.

Conditioning tech - Another tech like agriculture and industrial tech. You'll need this only if you are a fighter. If you're not a fighter this tech is pretty useless.

Spy tech - I haven't used this tech very much since it's pretty new and I wasn't a fighter last reset so I didn't research it much. For gainers it's useless since you won't be holding many spies anyway. But for fighters and in war it's probably awesome. 130% would be recommendable if you have many spies and you can by it cheap pretty early in the game since there isn't much demand. Priority-four.

SDI tech - This tech is pretty useless unless you're top 10. Most people emphasise this tech too much.

If you can stay out of top ten and hide NW instead it's much better than being top ten and have no hidden NW. That
way you won't be targeted by multis or jealous players, and you won't need any SDI. 30-40% is enough, but if you want to end up in the top 10, you should get more than 100%, if you're republic. Priority-three until last two weeks, priority-one from then.