Jun 5th 2019, 4:22:23

ElPaco's Republic Techie to Casher Startup
Story By: ElPaco -- Posted On: 8/15/00

This is an alternate startup strat to the common industrialist startup. It can be made in two ways; an ind-tech-cash startup, or a tech-cash startup. The first one is the more effective, and The Dark Sphere, a LaF member, won a 2A-reset with this start. This is how you do it:

Set tax rate to 35%, 100% spy production and change government to republic.

Build 12 construction sites

Build 24 industrials

Build 8 construction sites

Build 20 industrials

Explore max

Alternate one turn with industrials and 4 construction sites until you have 60 construction sites.

Explore max and build max research labs until turn 99.

Sell spies as often as you feel like bothering.

After turn 99 set production to turrets. Fill land between 700 and 1,000 acres, when out of cash after turn 99 research bus/res tech. Explore as much as you can without being a landgrab target, when land is filled start teching for real, each tech sale should put you in pole position. When you have about 2k acres get "war" techs and switch to cash.

How to continue

When you have max mil/res/bus tech and a bit weapons tech at 2,000 acres, it's time to make a switch to casher. Put yourself as Tyranny

Tear down all your labs! (This is for making food while switching)

Build up enterprises and residentials, evenly

Continue =)

Keep your industrials and set them to produce spies

Build construction sites until you have about 85-90 builds per turn

Cash your way to number one spot! :-)