Jun 5th 2019, 3:46:00

1) Foreign Aid, top down :
Top down Foreign Aid is probably the best idea I have ever thought of. It replaces the inefficient
stockpiling as a way of beating upkeep costs, allowing the full NW value of your dollars to be
realized. Basically it is when the top rankers in your alliance foreign aid the money they make
in a day down to the bottom rankers. There is a slight snag in this, as you can't foreign aid all
the money they make in a day, however, if they buy bushels then can foreign aid those in
conjunction with the dollars. This can also be slightly modified to capture the top spots, by
having more then one top ranker foreign aid a bottom one. They can the spend all their cash
and sell the bushels, getting up to 2B NW. This works exceptionally well as a farmer, because
when food is selling at $8, they're making 1k$ per acre. A 50k acre farmer is making like 50M
a turn. That adds up to 2B$ a day, or 20M nw a day. These food prices previously didn't help
a farmer, because he was just stocking food anyway, however, now they do. A farmer could create
up to 1B$ for their alliance. 8 of these famers would equal what MD got last reset.
#2) 500 cs startup :
The theory here is that a turn saved at the beginning is equal to one at the end. Therefore, by
saving those turns where you're building with only like 100 cs, you build all your cs at the
start and get foreign aid to bring your military up to a level where you can landgrab enough that
you're grabbing enough that your readiness comes back in time for you to have everything built.
This allows you to get to your prime cashing acreage faster, and have more turns cashing. This
is best as a casher, because you hit the food market earlier, and can stock up on cheap food
and then foreign aid it where it is sold for double what you paid for it. Also, it has the advantage
that tech will be cheaper when you start buying it, as there are more techers out there.
#3) Dedicated Spy's :
Once again, this focuses on saving turns for your big cashers so they can get to their cashing
acreage faster. You have dedicated people, who all they do with their turns is spy. They keep
themselve big enough that the 1/10th rule doesn't apply to them. They'll spy out a potential
targets stats + allies. This allows the top guys to not waste time + upkeep on spies, with not
wasting military + readiness on targets. Also, the dedicated spy's give intel allies to the
big guys so they have protection from spy multies + war attacks. They are also used in
war by getting information on all of the enemy.