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REX's Newbie to Netgaining: Industrialist for Dummies
Story By: REX -- Posted On: 8/15/00

Industrialist is a strategy that is easy to gain a fairly high networth with. It is a strategy that EVERYBODY should do before learning other strategies. This is how I started to netgain, how my friends started to netgain, and how most any good netgainer started out.
This strategy here is the first of a series of 3. To get to be a good netgainer the quickest, I recommend that you start off with this strat, and then choose to go with FARMER or CASHER. You will choose one of those and master the strategy.

Okay, so you are a newbie to earth, or have never achieved a high networth. This is a guide that will take you through a simple way to gain a lot of networth, get high rank in the game, and will teach you concepts that will help you in other strategies you play later in time.

You just created your account and logged on. The first thing you do

1) Click on PURCHASES and then SELL MILITARY. The game starts you off with 100 troops. Well for now, that is 100 troops too many. Sell them all.

2) Go back to the MAIN MENU and click on COUNTRY MANAGEMENT. Change your Tax Rate to 34%. Change your Industrial Production to 100% spies.

3) Go to BUILD and build 28 construction sites.

4) Go to COUNTRY MANAGEMENT and change your government to Communism.

5) Then, build 36 industrial complexes, 1 turn at a time. That means, 1 turn build 12. Then, sell your spies, then, build 12 industrial complexes again and sell the spies again. Then, do it again.

6) To sell your spies, go to PURCHASES, then SELL MILITARY, and sell all of your spies.

7) Go back to BUILD and build more industrial complexes. After every 3 turns, sell your spies in PURCHASES.

8) If you don’t have enough money to build 12 industrial complexes, build 4 construction sites.

9) When you run out of acres to build on, explore for a turn, and build again.

10) Continue selling spies after EVERY turn if you can. If you don’t have the time, sell them after every 3 turns.

11) Be wary. You don’t want to go over 70 turns. After every few turns, go to STATUS. Make sure that the used turns number doesn’t break 70.

12) When you do get to your 70th turn, go to COUNTRY MANAGEMENT. Switch your Industrial Production to 50% troops and 50% turrets.

13) After changing your Industrial Production, build industrial complexes and a few construction sites on your acres just as you did before. This time though, DO NOT SELL ANYTHING.

14) When you get to turn 100, you have completed this beginning phase of the game. You should have a rank somewhere in the top 5000, and if you played well, top 3000.

15) On the day you break turn 100, you will do the following…

-When you have used all of your turns, go to MARKET, then SELL GOODS, and then sell all of the goods you can. Leave the price where it is for now. Selling for the right price is the trickiest part of the strategy, so talk to one of the more experienced players on ICQ to find learn the skills involved.

***Before we get starting, you are going to have to get accustomed to a few things…

-You are going to be doing the industrialist strategy (indy for short)

-As an INDY, you will be getting negative money. Do not try to build enterprise zones and residential complexes to make up for this.

-You will send 25% of your military on the public market every day, and this will be more than enough cash.

Turn 100+

As you already know, this strategy will use the technique known as INDUSTRIALIST. You might be able to guess by the name that you build Industrial Complexes. What you want to do is explore for 4 turns. Then, build industrial complexes on ALL of the acres. Continue doing this until you have 10 turns left (not including the freebies). With these turns, build construction sites. Get your freebees, and build construction sites until you have 1 turn left. With that turn, go to the public market and sell all of the troops and turrets you can.

CAUTION-When you hit 50 buildings per turn, STOP. It is not worth it to go over this (in the current strategy you are doing)

Next day-Do the same exact thing as the previous day. At the end of the day, go into COUNTRY MANAGEMENT and change industrial production to 5% spies, 5%troops, 45%turrets, 40%jets, 5%tanks

Next day-Same as previous day. Remember to sell ALL of your military on the public market.

At the end of the day, use the money you have to build industrial tech. (MARKET, BUY TECH) After you buy the tech, go to RESEARCH. Look at your industrial tech percentage. When it reaches 135%, stop buying industrial tech. Every day, at the end of your turns, make sure that it is in the 130’s. If it drops below 130%, buy more. So you are asking yourself, what do I do when I have cash left over and have my industrial tech maxed out. The answer to that is you buy weapons tech. When that reaches 140%, stop buying it.

Continue going down the line in this order--- Conditioning (140%), Business(170%),Residential(170%),Military(90%),Medical(73%).

THE TECH IS VITAL TO YOUR GROWTH, so KEEP UP WITH IT. When you have those techs at the suggested level, you can get warfare tech, spy tech, or do another thing. That other thing is to spend the money buying as many bushels as you can. It won’t make much sense to you yet, but it will later on in the strategy.

You are going to be exploring for less and less every turn. Once you get to 10 acres per turn exploring, start attacking. I won’t get into exactly how to attack. I will tell you though, that you should attack someone about between ¼-1/3 your size. Find the target using the IAD landgrab search or the RSE landgrab search. Attack, build on the acres, and then grab again. Remember not to build ANYTHING other than industrial complexes and a few construction sites (until 50 Buildings per turn). When you landgrab someone, you are going to get a few of their buildings. When you go to build on the acres you captured, go to RAZE or DESTROY BUILDINGS. Raze anything other than industrial complexes and construction sites.

*Tip* You can do planned strikes if you wish. If you do though, you have to do them right. I suggest highly doing planned strikes for retaliatory strikes for your clan.

1) Sell your max jets on the public market

2) Then do the strike. Follow the steps in that order, or you will have $ problems.

Rest of the Reset

You will continue to landgrab, build, landgrab, build, landgrab, build (or something like that) Until you have 1 turn left. Then sell all military. Then buy tech or bushels.

When there are 4 weeks left in the reset, stop buying tech. Start buying bushels with your leftover money EVERY day. Do that every day until there are about 2 weeks left in the reset. By this time, you should have a LOT of bushels saved up. If you play it right, you will get 2billion bushels fairly quickly (1 week). If that happens, just spend the money on tech again. Make sure that your military tech is maxed out, and keep it that way until there are 2 weeks left in the that time, do the following formula…

1,900,000,000/bushel price


This means that you sell 475,000,000 bushels on the public market. When they sell, you will be left with 1.9 billion dollars.

So you have $1.9billion sitting around. You are amazed with your current 20-30million networth and are just waiting to see what these big bucks are going to do for you. First things first…sell as many bushels as you can to get $1.9billion again. You sell your bushels, and are still waiting…well the suspense is over…its time to JUMP…

Go to your private market and buy as many troops as you can. Unfortunately, you have more money than troops you can buy. So, buy all the tanks you can off the private market. Most likely, you will still have some money left over. Go to the public market and buy as many troops as you can.

Next day comes around and you have another 1.9billion waiting around for you. DO NOT USE YOUR TURNS. SPEND ONE TO SELL, that’s IT! Do the same exact thing as the day before. When you only have 50million bushels left, STOP.

Now, just sell off your tech (MARKET, SELL TECH). Make sure you don’t surpass $1.9billion. You are going to end up having a few days left. You will be making insane amounts of negative cash, so it would be a bad thing to use your turns. Just sit and marvel at your high networth. If you find someone very landfat, or you feel like doing a retal, feel free J. Just make sure you only send as much as you need to break.

CONGRATULATIONS-If you pulled this all off right, you should be 40-60million networth now. If you did very well, you might even be 80-100million. Your rank should at least be in the top 600.

Source: KILLER Strategy Collection