Jun 5th 2019, 4:30:59

1. Start by doing the usual monarchy/indy, found else where on this board.
***NOTE*** The best start-up there is no matter what others say. Also don’t
destroy the res / bus buildings you conquer just keep them. (This applies to
Res / Bus / Farms / Indys and CS’s).

2. Now you need to stay monarchy/indy for quite some time, actually you
need about 600 Construction Sites or 100 Buildings Per Turn (remember that
Dict has –30% BPT). That is a lot, so you need to use as many turns as
possible making CS’s.
***NOTE*** Indy government peek in the middle of a reset, no strategy is
better until the techers start arriving at that time.

3. Use some of your surplus money on bus/res tech so that they are around
150% or so.
***NOTE*** Res/Bus tech is the first tech you should buy anyways so
nothing new in this.

4. When your BPT is starting to look like 90 - 100/turn, start stockpiling
money, just sell some units (jets, troops, tanks & turrets). You need that
money for converting into a pounding casher. Also you might want to consider
not grabbing until you are done converting.

***NOTE*** Don’t sell more stuff than absolutely necessary, just calculate
how much it cost to destroy a building + building 1 * how many acres you
have – you CS.

5. Switch to Dictatorship once u have 500 CS, then destroy 100 buildings and build 50 res & 50 bus, keep doing this until you
don’t have any more acres.
***NOTE*** If you have 102 BPT destroy 102 and build 51 res and 51 bus, but
I would recommend stopping at 100 BPT. The reason for not destroying all
your buildings right away is that they will still produce stuff for each turn you
make a building. No need to through away money/units.

6. When you have converted all your acres, you will need to have your Res /
Bus Tech at 175-180 at all times, so use money there primarily.
***NOTE*** Weapon’s Tech is important too.

7. Start grabbing again.
***NOTE*** ONLY GRAB REPS, they are almost always cashers (they got
the buildings you want), and they have –15% military strength, so combined
with your +20% you have a +35% advantage >]. Hit republics that are 1/3 of your
own NW size, to gain maximum land, while still being bottom feeding. You
could most likely have a fluff load of jets, because no-one hits Dicts. I know
this because last reset I was Dict/farmer and I was hit 1 time through the
whole reset.

***FINAL NOTE*** At no point in time is this strategy weak and if war comes
in the middle of the reset, just stay indy and convert to Dict. Then you have
yourself a mean killing machine :)

You should be able to get a TON of land, and finish within top 50 if you play
this right.