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Clouds's Communist Industrialist Starting Strategy
Story By: Cloud -- Posted On: 8/15/00

Set your tax rate to 33%
Change production to 100% spies
Sell the 100 troops
Change your Government to Communist
Build 10 Industrial Complexes (ICs)
Sell the spies you've produced
Build 40 Construction Sites (CSs), selling your spies between every 2 CSs that you build.

Build 13 ICs, 1 farm, 1 oil rig... (this is so that the natural disasters affect food and oil instead of just earthquakes which truely are the most negative)
Sell your spies
Build 15 ICs
Sell your spies

>From here on, you will be building all Industrial sites, and just enough farms to support
yourself. Remember to sell your spies at least every 1-3 turns. Explore when land is
needed, but only explore once-twice before building on all the land, then explore again.
Remember to sell the spies!!!

Stop at turn 99, and wait a day or two, until you've saved up at least 100 turns. You'll
use these to "sprint" out from under GDI Protection, build an appreciable defense and to
begin to build up an offensive force (jets) that you'll be using to increase your
country's growth.

When you reach the point where you have about 600-650K in money stored-up after
selling all your spies, this is when you will change your production. Change your
production to 100% turrets. You will have ZERO spies now, and you won't be selling
your turrets. After you change this, continue to build indus and sufficient farms to feed
yourself. Do this till you run out of money. *Actually, you should have atleast 20-25
farms by the time you run out of money...this may give you a surplus of +400 food a
turn about, but you'll need it because soon the turrets will be taking all that food and
you can't build more farms*

When you have less than 50K money or you don't have enough money to building
more than 15 buildings (you have a 15BPT up till now), you will change your building
emphasis. You probably have about 600 Indus buildings (the turrets are flowing nicely)
and 25 farms, but we've gotta get more C-sites. When you hit turn 140 you've got to
have 60 c-sites in all. After building about 6-8 cites or so, you can build another 15-20
indus (you get about 10-15K extra in money per turn) and you should do that whenever
you have enough money to build the amount of buildings you can build in one turn.

At turn 140, here are your probable stats:
720-750 Indus sites
60 C-sites
25-30 Farms
Less than 100K Money
82-86K Turrets

Sell 1/4 of your turrets on the market. I would normally recommend selling that at
165-170 for a MEGA profit, but i got burned this last reset...instead sell them at most
for 155-160 or 5 bucs lower than what the going rate is if the going rate is lower than
155. The loss of extra money doesn't matter that much, but if your stuff doesn't sell,
your in big trouble.

The next day you'll have plenty of money to explore and build. Look at the scores page
and notice how much land the top 10 has. If the average is 1200 or so, then keep
exploring and buidling till you get to about 1100 land, basically about 100 less land than
the other top 10 countries. Build all Indus and enough farms to support yourself. When
you reach that land figure of 100 less than the top 10, stop and build all C-sites.
***This was the basic thought when everyone expanded at the same rate, but now
Theo's get much fatter. I would explore/build indus for all your turns and build about
12 c-sites***

Now you want your final military figures to be roughly 45% jets, 55% turrets. You
already have more turrets, so maybe if you set your production to 50/50 or so, you'll
wind-up with that figure, but i find that's a good ratio. As you finish your turns, sell 1/4
of your turrets and about 1/10th of your jets to the market at a good price well below
the going rate cause the market will still be shakey and you NEED that money. You'll
probably be top 10, or very close to it. Good work! If you're not, don't worry cause
those fat Theo's will be your targets tomorrow... -)

The next day, the fifth day, you're ready for attacking and the targets are big enough to
justify attacks. Change your production to 100% jets. Attack. Pick out the fat
Reps/Theos which will be easier to penetrate, give you more land, and might add
indus buildings. After attacking build on all land with Indus and then C-sites till readiness is back to
100 percent. Repeat a few more turns until you are a little less land fat than the rest of the
countries in the top 10 because that's where you will be at the end of your turns. Sometime
during your turns you must change production to 100% turrets (near half way) so that you
can hit that final ratio of 55% turrets 45% jets again. When your turns are over sell 1/3 of
turrets. If you ever run out of money before your turns are over, sell the 1/4 t urrets and
about 1/4-1/5 jets depending on how many turns left so that you have enough money for
the next day.

The reason you make 100% jets in the beginning is that jets will help you pick off
bigger targets as you take your turns and turrets won't help at all, but remember to
change back to 100% turrets half way or so, so that you hit the 45/55 ratio. The last
attack of everyday should be a PlannedStrike, unless you're my ally. -)

You will continue to do this same exact formula the rest of the time for 1-2 weeks.
As a communist its in your ability to finish top 10 every single time you log out or
atleast top 25 consistantly. Don't worry when you log in VERY low ranked,
everyone does that the first few weeks.