Aug 8th 2019, 20:23:31

I actually enjoy netting in unstable sets, but warring for sure benefits from a stable market.

Especially with the way bots are now, they get hulkamania on stocked cash if people dont farm them. And the cashers just load up on tech, people steal the tech and then the casher bots buy more.

This dynamic is a major attributing factor to the tech prices surging to 7k+, in addition to $1000 oil and unchanging food prices. In addition, the milit markets are able to keep up largely with demand a little better and there's less sway in those markets as well. This dynamic makes builds largely unimportant and puts the winner as whoever steals the most tech to resell, and farms the techer bots most efficiently. I, for example, am a techer. I have not used my labs since week 3 tho. I could have been any build and i wouldnt be using my buildings at all.

There's a lot of benefits to warring in a stable market tbh.