EE Patron

Jul 20th 2019, 16:01:43

Originally posted by TaSk1:
Once again baby dee makes a post hiding behind lafs coat tails taking all the credit ... again, if you want to talk about captain’s going down with the ship remember how big your ship is a small 10 man rubber dinghy just remember we would smash you into a million pieces with our destroyer if you didn’t have laf to hide behind. SoF vs elders 1 v 1 next set punk see how big you talk then lol oxygen thief.

I know its hard to comprehend when i say we or us i actually mean stones, elders, imag, mercs and laf.

I know that can be tough for you, because every time you say we or us, you actually mean just you. And anytime i say sof said blank because you said we, sof members look at me like I'm crazy. The words "we" and "us" typically mean more than one person or group of people. But I've come to understand that you just have a dozen personalities and seemingly think the rest of us do too.

I would entertain another sof vs elders war tho. Youre almost down to the 24 members you had the last time you lost to us, and frankly i probably wouldnt have to worry about that war lasting 50 days. We could be respectful enough to knock it out in a couple weeks with each other.