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Jul 20th 2019, 4:50:50

Originally posted by The Cloaked:
when did that ever become a strategy anyways?

so weird.

When netters started being nicer to warclans. Or at least got smaller and less actively able to get kill chats together. Evo is mostly folks who still love the game and just run turns to stay in touch. I'd feel a lot better about it if he was farming Marshal, who that's not really the case for.

They pushed all the war clans who actively protect those tags into war, which pretty much opens the door for this stuff. As a community we have done a good job of dealing with it, but now there are large tags condoning it which makes it significantly more difficult.

You can pretty much guarantee that 811 will be allowed in sof again, despite the fact that on any other server he'd get run off and not accepted anywhere. But i suppose with such leadership tactics as speedkill (tm) and EVERY LEADER RUNNING UNTAGGED THEMSELVES and their Head FA stealing tech from monsters, you kind of know what to expect.

All we can really hope for is someone getting left out to police at this point. Any tag on our side would be willing to do it, but we've all been forced into endless speedkill (tm). It's not hard to kill them all repeatedly. It's just hard to make netting competitive again.

I personally just don't see how any of it is necessary considering none of us wanted this war in the first place. I haven't even been approached for a CF even as SoF is now down 17 members from the beginning of the set. They're dropping like flies, and rightfully so. It's a stupid long noncompetitive war. Seems leadership cares about as much about the tag as they do the community.

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