Nov 3rd 2015, 14:32:53

Sparta would like to remind people that we are a war tag first and netting tag second. Secondly we are comprised of a bunch of assholes who are really bored.


1:1 topfeed we retail to 120% of the land back (yes more then the 80% for being a punk)
2: We roll a 6 sided dice and hit that many times
3: farm + missile dump
4: war

Please note that this policy is subject to change with out warning based on the moods of KC, Azn, Eric, Gains or, Buch. So hitting during drinking hours or during sporting events might result in an unfavorable result. Flattery does go a long way.

We are warmongers (ok gains pretends to be a netter some days) so, tread lightly. We do carry a big stick :P