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Feb 28th 2024, 23:00:53

[quote poster=ZEN; 52438; 1028848]To add on to WDU's request. Us here at TAINT would also like to ask PDM to not hit us. Please do not bring the actions of last round to this round. There were some mistakes made and I hope you learned from them.

Tisya has been lurking in out discord on occasion, I can say this as complete truth

Last round was last round, this round is a new one, it is indeed, water under the bridge.

We request TAINT choose not to farm us again however.

Originally posted by Doug:
Dredd. I suggest you contact all the leaders of the clans you hit. Privately. This thread will turn into a disaster.

There is a cultural and language barrier. So let’s remember that. Nobody is opposed to you bringing new people and old to begin a new alliance here. But this was the wrong way to do it.

The vast majority of leaders don’t like cross server behavior. Untagged countries (then joining your tag) hit major established clans, the clans and their pacted allies defended themselves, and did not provoke you on this server. You are still responsible for their behavior. If you’re going to lead they need to listen to you. Most of us know you or your members for years.

Again, contact those clan leaders privately. This thread will likely just be trolled.

Ps. I hope you understand we’d like to see new clans here and members. But trust us built over time, with actions not words. I wish you luck with the other leaders. And being a leader here on alliance also means apologizing and fixing the issue when appropriate.


On a serious note for half a moment.
Doug is absolutely correct here.

Dredd, you are going to have to do a lot of reaching out and apologising to other leaders, before you're going to get anywhere at this stage.

This situation had nothing to do with cross server, and everything to do with your members farming and AB'ing tagged clans while untagged, then trying to put themselves in DR's in order to avoid retal damage, then tagging up.

Thats not the way things are done.
Unfortunately you and your guys have had to learn this lesson the hard way.

Hopefully though, the lessons about server etiquette and behaviours have been learned going forward.

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