Aug 10th 2019, 0:58:42

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Aug 10th 2019, 18:25:35

You should change the bulk mode.

Make it so that you add turns of teching each tech and then push a button to tech all at once.

if Im tech starting a casher I generally tech bus and res at the same time. And when I make war as a techer I generally tech more than 1 turn at a time as well. can be 10 or 25 turns at a time. Making the UI count the turns for me and I just add turns to to put into a specific tech. the page starts at 0 on every tech and I press '+' for every turn I want to spend and the UI displays what I have put in for each area and how much turns that is in total.

The goal should be to make playing and especially warring on mobile closer to as convenient as playing/warring on PC. Right now the page on display doesnt get us closer to that goal.

Edit: This was a horrible expaination, lemme know if you understand what I'm saying.
Edit: What I mean is the "enable fast build mode" on the build page. make an analog on the research page.

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Aug 10th 2019, 19:27:14

Gerdler: Added to our to-do list.



Aug 12th 2019, 15:07:11

Possible to show max tech % info for each tech somewhere in the page?
Example for SDI, max tech % should be 90%? But I have no clue where to find that info in game.
Maybe can add a max tech % column on the right side of the Research column?



Aug 12th 2019, 19:30:31

max tech% are shown on research page when hovers mouse on top of each tech. yes it isn't on 1st place where looking those.
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Aug 13th 2019, 14:14:35

Originally posted by Marshal:
max tech% are shown on research page when hovers mouse on top of each tech. yes it isn't on 1st place where looking those.

I came back to this game on last year and have been playing this game more than 1 year now.
I actually never think of mouse hover on top of any tech. >_<
Isn't it better to display those info properly in separate page?



Aug 13th 2019, 20:00:15

We will be adding more ? icons around the UI that will explain things like this.

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Aug 19th 2019, 1:50:32

-Please let us enter number of turns to tech instead of points. It’s almost always how I plan to tech, and converting turns to points creates friction and slows me down.
-Consider allowing users to specify a target tech, e.g. 120% weapons tech, tell users how many turns to get there, and ask if they want to tech those turns (if available). Could extend this functionality to buying tech, too.

Those are both much more in line with how people actually play the game. I can think of no example where I wanted to tech exactly 27,193 points of a particular tech. There’s also no loss of advantage to anyone from this functionality- by trial and error someone can figure out how to get to 120%, for example.

Thank you!
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Aug 20th 2019, 1:05:40

I like the ideas in here, I'll make up a list and see how feesable some are at implementing into production before beta.