Mar 31st 2016, 4:00:03

Rule sucks



Mar 31st 2016, 16:07:47

which one?
the length of DR?
the rule that pilfering chump change breaks GDI?
The rule that redistributing oil breaks GDI?
the rule that raiding food stores breaks GDI?
the rule forbidding espionage against GDI countries?
the ridiculously low returns on the aforementioned ops?
the rule that countries with an SPAL of 5 can easily spy on a country with an SPAL of 30?


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Mar 31st 2016, 16:20:41

No. Those are all good rules.
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Mar 31st 2016, 16:42:39

Some of those are incorrect.

Raiding food doesn't break GDI unless you do it 2x.**
Pilfering chump change doesn't break GDI unless you do it 2x.**
The low returns means you're selecting a target with low amounts on hand. (cash / bushels)
5 SPAL v 30 SPAL (with the exception of a basic spy) almost all spy ops will fail*.

The point of spy ops wasn't designed to fully replace your income, it's to add to your income per turn for all non-techer strategies.

* There's a protection against players with incredible low amounts of land with high spal built into the formula.
** 2x includes any combination of: SS|PS|AB|GS|CM|NM|EM & with any other harmful spy operation.
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Mar 31st 2016, 16:45:24

On the flip-side, I do agree that DR should be shortened on EXPRESS. (Somewhere in the ballpark of 4hrs).
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Mar 31st 2016, 17:10:11

when you have $500M on hand and your target has $1.8B your return is only $11M, that is chump change.
A beneficial spy op should not count as much against GDI as an LG. The harm inflicted is no where near as great.
If we want a balance perhaps 5 beneficial spy ops equal one LG.

Speaking only of basic spy, when 5SPAL is spying on 30SPAL the op will generally fail 3 or 4 times before succeeding but those lost spy costs are miniscule compared to the cost of building a high SPAL. I see why we want some randomization of results for spy ops but I believe the rule should be that if the target country SPAL is 4X the spy's SPAL then no ops succeed ever.

Drkprince has been lobbying for a DR rule change forever.

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Mar 31st 2016, 17:34:21

The amount of cash the attacker has is irrelevant. Only the target's matters. (Only with some spy ops does it matter).

$11 mil a turn (for 650 turns) is appx $30mil networth.
A spy op should count equally. You don't need oil or units for an array of different types of attacks. Not to mention,. you can steal as much tech as a techer per turn, if you know how to. Spy ops seems worthless unless you know how to use them.

Lost spies is a PITA. You have to take away from your production to create them. If you're a techer and you have 25% ICs on your land, your tech drops significantly. You really should experiment more. I recommending either using the ffaalpha to try different things. Spies are great mainly for war.
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Mar 31st 2016, 17:54:32

First may I say what a pleasure it is to actually discuss the game with an intelligent thoughtful player.

"Spies are great mainly for war."
True, but it does not need to be that way. Spies were originally given a large number of powers and abilities. Limiting them only to a war function diminishes the game. Imagine if tech was suddenly reduced to only war functions.

"You can steal as much tech per turn as a techer." Of course you can but not any more, the recent revision to GDI ended that. It strikes me as strange that GDI was changed to prevent espionage but now any suggested change to GDI is greeted by the nattering nabobs of negativism as a travesty and evidence of a lack of skill.
I am not sure why the deficiency in spy rules means that I should experiment more.

As for experimenting, last set I ran a low jet R casher and was bored to tears. With four hours to go, I was sitting in fourth place thinking what a waste of a reset commiserating with drkprince about having missiles which I could not fire. Fortunately someone nuked me 17 times and a lively battle ensued and we were both knocked out of the top ten.

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Mar 31st 2016, 18:50:32

I will lobby to have spies to function more appropriately. I hate having a mad SPAL and failing on my 3rd OP on a worthless SPAL country. I actually stopped running spy heavy due to the waste of upkeep and effectiveness....

Example, you should NEVER fail an OP oN a 0 SPAL country.... Yet it can be spied out to DR. Weak.
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Apr 20th 2016, 0:50:41

Nice Game



Apr 20th 2016, 6:17:32

game sucks, players like clint.



Apr 20th 2016, 6:42:33

not all the players like me,
a lot of em do but not all.



Apr 20th 2016, 10:26:18

Have you ever made a post that wasn't 90% rhetoric and bullfluff?
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