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Mar 21st 2023, 21:52:34

That error $420.03333333333 thing happens when a random event occurrs, but only randomly and sometimes a whole set with no error. I'm no code monkey but calc errors can be benign or catastrophic in some sectors. Are the issues sporadic or chronic? We've addressed the issue many times, but there are new players and I'm still confus. Please show your work. Thanks in advance for the ones who fluff about me not thanking them, you're welcome.

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Apr 12th 2023, 16:15:23

I believe that only happens when you get a tax rebate turn on the last turn of an attack.

So it will also only happen 2/3 of those tax rebate turns on the last turn of attacks because if your tax income is evenly divisible by 3 you get an even number.

Can it happen at another time? like last turn of a recall? or when putting stuff on market? Maybe? It may be that I attack more than do those things?