Oct 8th 2018, 11:31:00

In tournament specifically is there a point when INDY booms are more efficient use of bonus vs extra turns.
I feel I should be using bonus's for turns in beginning but booms later? Never did the math.




Oct 8th 2018, 13:01:29

It's a bit case-by case depending on your production and size. But once you have stopped growing and your production is all that matters then it's indy booms for sure, but they are actually better also a few days before that.

Depending on how high NW you end up with, and perhaps how high expenses you are running in the mid game too, expenses will be better for the long term than turns early on, but that depends on making assumptions on where you will end up, NW wise.




Oct 8th 2018, 14:38:37

Fwiw, the advice i give is to use bunus points for turns during your "developmentt." As a producer strat, like commie indy, at the point where growing much bigger looks difficult or dangerous, use bonus points for booms.

For tourney, follow this advice until you are confident of regularly finishing above $20m nw.

At that point, you should have enough data and experience to see how using bonus points for expenses or other long term bonus choices can help you twist and tweak you strat toward $30+m nw.

If you choose to work this out on your own, cultivate patience, as it will likely take a year or more.

Good luck!