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Insano's Tyranny Fighter Strategy
Story By: Insano -- Posted On: 8/15/00

The Main points to the tyranny is that it only takes one turn per attack. This is useful although you have to
have your country setup to take advantage if this because all in all you will not be able to do many more
attacks than a democracy which takes 3 turns per attack if you are not setup right.
The best fighters are mostly self sufficient able to spend turns attacking at a moments notice, and not having
to wait for something to sell on the market which may or may not happen in time to be effective. Do not use
this strategy if you want to win the game because it isn't going to happen with it. this is for the gung-ho member
who wants to attack as much as possible and wreak havoc in war.
Phase 1 , The Startup: I recommend you use the Producer's commie startup for the tyranny. The casher
startup just wont work too good with the tyranny's negative per capita income.
stay commie until you have around 2000 industrial complexes. Have all the farms you need to produce food
you need and a few oil rigs too maybe 100 to support your attacks. In that time you will buy lots of industrial
tech the money is well spent and will pay for itself in the end. once you reach the 2000 industrial mark save
turns. You don't want to expose yourself yet. Have at least 50 mil cash to play on readiness goes down to
50% after switching governments and you'll need to spend at least 25 turns to get it back up fast.

Phase 2, the switch: once you have around 50 turns saved you should put out 25% of your military and 25%
of your tech on the market at prices you know will sell, and before they sell you will switch to tyranny. Rebuild
your lost Industrial sites then explore and build research labs today, attacking for land would be too hard
today with your low readiness. Tomorrow you will start attacking for land using the money from sales of tech
and military today to build on it. In between attacks and building you should build construction sites. Do not
research until you have 2000 research labs.

Phase 3, continued growth: now you have 50/50 mix of industrials and research labs
you must use your labs to get your tech levels up in all areas while your industrials support your
economy. Keep building some of each while you attack CS should be at 300 by now so you can slow down
on building them ( but do build some every day still) and research to regain readiness in between
attacks. industrial tech should come first followed by military
techs (warfare,weapons,conditioning,spy,medical) not necessarily in that order. you are a fighter so getting
these techs up is crucial to your fighting ability.
Goals in this phase to get to 4000 industrials and 4000 research labs. Max out industrial tech 140%.

phase 4, tweaking income potential: at this point you should start building farms and oil rigs more than
industrial sites, use your industries you have to continue to support your economy while you do this. you do
not want to sell off bushels or barrels as you make them yet though unless you have no choice. the more you
stockpile the better off you'll be when their prices rise to 10$ per bushels and 20$ per oil barrel you can sell
off the bushels and barrels to max out your tech levels and support your country. Goals for this phase should
be to get as much land as possible and get buildings to land ratio to 4000 industrials to 4000 research labs to
4000 farms to 2000 oil rigs. ax out farm tech 215%.

phase 5 ,rebuilding: Time to ditch those research labs now they have done their job. Don't waste time in it just
destroy them all and turn them into half farms and half industrials. If you run out of money build CS. Sell more
stuff come back and finish it. by this time you should have 400 CS and build 105 BPT so it should be done
in a day hopefully Watch market prices for bushels to rise,8 or 9$ per bushels and /or 15$ per barrel. and it
is definitely time to put some on market just be careful not to put over 1.9 bil worth to sell and if you do sell
that much go on and spend about 1 bil worth on tech to hopefully max out your other techs and update
your farm tech and industrial tech if it needs it. Goals for this phase to be all farms and industrials ( some oil
rigs) with maxed out tech in each .Hopes for this phase to near max out all tech levels in all categories.

Phase 6, get huge: In this phase you are going to get as huge as possible , hopefully on your enemies lands
you will also implement the parts of phase 5 that haven't been done yet. Construction sites should be finished
with 4 to 6 hundred of them by now you should cash in-between attacking and building to get readiness up
for next attack. readiness will be the only thing to keep you from attacking again as you should make a
landgrab any time you have 100% readiness and 0 unused lands .Goals for this phase To get HUGE. Keep
tech levels up.

Phase 7,Coast to the finish: now there are around 2 weeks left to the game building more buildings isn't going
to help too much turns should be spent pretty much cashing unless we're at war. sell military twice a day to
keep expenses down( you will still have plenty for defense or attacks) keep around 1 bil$ cash on hand for
emergencies don't buy any more tech you should have all that maxed out already. with conditioning maxed
you should be able to do 13 BIG attacks per day and still end up with 100% readiness at the end. if you
have anywhere near 1.9 bil bushels saved up , and were not at war, then id strongly recommend selling out as
you will get a nice rank for the finish. otherwise just keep playing as normal attack but keep your lands you
gain do not build on them well probably be at war so you will be doing a lot of guerrilla strikes or bombing
runs ,which is all good.

selling out: timing is the key you want to sell all your turrets, jets,tech, bushels and barrels. buying troops or
tanks with the money troops being the better deal usually. you would stop playing turns with about 5 days left
to play and sell off everything in chunks of 1.9 bil dollars, spend all money on troops or tanks before your
stuff sells or you'll be bitten. come back when its sold and do it again. if you played efficiently and saved for
this you will easily get over 100 mil NW but don't do this if were at war because you didn't play for networth
from the start so you shouldn't worry if you get it or not.=) ill revise this possibly as fresh ideas come to mind
or good suggestions and if you run this please send me status reports from time to time so I can monitor its
success, revise or revamp as necessary.