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Official Techer (tech seller) Strategy v1.0
8/2/99 5:59:02 PM
This assumes you have read the post entitled "universal 100 turn start up". This post starts where that
one leaves off.

A techer can no doubt be a powerful netgainer as well as a strong fighter (converse to normal opinion). I
expect tech prices to rise somewhat this round due to the addition of a new tech (conditioning) and thus
increased demand.

Of war strategies, I think this one and the dictator farmer are good choices (altho I prefer the farmer only
slightly). If you can play 2 times a day I recommend playing techer, otherwise farmer is probably a
better choice. I really stress that last point. Selling 2 times a day can make a big difference for a techer,
and if you can't play every 12 hrs you might want to consider some other strat.
Also, this strategy takes a while to get to the top, you spend time at the start concentrating on building
construction sites. It pays off down the road.

The idea: You cover your land with only research labs, spend 2/3 of your turns producing tech, and sell
it at the end of the day in order to buy food and military.

The strat:

Do the normal monarchy startup. After you sell your first batch of units, use half your turns to build
construction sites. Use the other half to explore and build industrial complexes. Sell the max number of
units you can at the end of the day. Switch production so you are making some jets because you will
start landgrabbing soon.

Once you see many people starting to get around 1000 acres it is time to stop exploring for land and
start landgrabbing. Switch to tyranny (all techers should ALWAYS be tyranny). Remember to build
construction sites with the first 1/2 of your turns every day. Continue to sell units at the end of the day
to finance construction.

Once you get to around 3000 acres, concentrate on getting to 400 total construction sites (or 100 builds
per turn, whichever comes first). Keep selling units each day and start to stockpile the cash, you will
need it to convert your buildings. Once you reach 100 builds per turn it is time to switch from
industrialist to techer.

The switch: Tear down 100 industrial complexes, then build 100 research labs. If you do this on a turn
by turn basis (DON'T TEAR DOWN ALL YOUR INDUSTRY AT ONE TIME - get the most production you
can out of it while you still have it) then eventually your country should look about like this:

2500 labs
100 industrial complexes
400 construction sites.

I always try to keep at least 3% of my land covered with industrial to make spies. From here on out you
should only make labs and some occasional industrial complexes for spies. If you get other buildings
from landgrabs tear them down and build labs in their place. Labs work in a special way such that they
make more tech if they cover a higher % of your lab, so you want as little mixing as possible.

Remember with this strat eventually you will lose money per turn. That is the way the strat is designed.
The cash you make from tech sales will more than make up for it, so don't panic if you start losing
money each turn.

From here on out your goal should be to get really fat and build labs on all your land. You should try to
research between 1/2 and 2/3 of your turns, and I would start by researching residential and business
first, and then weapons/conditioning.

Don't fall into the trap of researching too much and not growing fast enough. Some players have a
tendency to be too land thin and research all their turns because you can get a lot of networth and
catapult into the top 10. However these countries tend to finish poorly because they do not have enough
land. Your goal should be 50,000 land in 6 weeks. You should try to be fatter than the countries around
you. MD signs a lot of NAP so that you can get fat, and our tag offers a lot of protection. If you have
more land than the people around you it means that eventually you will end up producing more than they
are, which will allow you to pass them in the ranks.

The techer can no doubt be one of the most powerful strategies. It is probably a good idea to play every
12 hrs and sell your tech at the end of each 12 hr period. This is due to the new 25% market good
restriction (as opposed to 33% before.)