Jun 5th 2019, 4:30:25

A spy country will need special attention. Everyone who did play one before knows how difficult it is to maintain a good SPAL. Spies are just to expencive.
But that is a situation we need to deal with from now on.

Play the 100 turn start up and tay playing this until you have 300 construction sides.
Then it will be time to switch to Dictator to get the extra spy bonus.
At the begining of this game we will not need the work of the spies as much. Make shure you keep your SPAL low so you will not loose to much money each turn.
I think a good SPAL to keep until we start working on spying is around 30. Dont let it come much higher, because it will realy make it hard for you to build your country.
We will need a lot of tech to maintain the costs of your country.
Make shure you buy a lot of tech at the end of each day.
Concentrade on residence, business tech first. Later on make shure you also max the other tech levels. First of all comes the spy tech after business and residence.

Positive thing about a high tech level is that you will do great in time of war. It can be a pain for the enemy to kill you off :)

If you play this way it should be not needed to switch to a tech strat.

But thinks maybe develop different and then we will be so flexibel to change the strat.

A spy country needs to have a high SPAL and a high NW. A spy country with a SPAL of 400 and an NW of 2 Mil is maybe good if you are looking for targets in the lower NW areas, but if you try to run after the big guys it is sucks.
To explain this: To do high damage you need to have a lot of that what you wanne destroy yourself. If you steal tech you will be able to take out more tech of your enemy if you have a lot of tech yourself. If you take out troops or buildings it is the same thing. (not pop though)


make shure you produce a lot of troops, turrets and tanks.
REASON: Your defence will be strong and you should have enough power to landgrab smaller countries. Jets are not that important for us.

make shure you by a lot of tech after you finished your turns. (residence, business, spy,.......)

Only build Indusrial, CS at the beginning.

Later on we can get some business, residence and farms
(we can buy food with the money we gain by selling army)