Jun 5th 2019, 4:12:06

OK, many of you have opted to play a democracy, since it is the easiest to play. You may have noticed that the #1 country is a demo.
Well, he did not start that way, but that is a different story....

If you are a democracy, you must realize the strengths and weaknessess of that government.
There are two key strengths: lower military costs and higher Per cap income (PCI). The weaknesses are poor military and terrible spy performance.

OK, demos ALWAYS make money, so you want to make sure that you MAXIMIZE the cash machine.

Building distribution for a casher...

25%-30% Enterprize
25%-30% Residences
20%-30% Mil bases
10% Industrial zones
0 farms
0 research labs
The rest in csites...

Production rates:
100% spies until 150 spies/acre then some turrets, but keep the spy ratio at 120-150 spies/acre. Your tech is VITAL and you have to protect it.

Target Tech levels:
Military - 88% (87% is possible but costs too much)
Residential: 190%-195%
Business: 190%-195%
Spy 120-130%

Put some in the rest of the techs in this order:
SDI, Weapons, Industrial, warfare, medical

Playing the market:
The key to a demo is to buy low and sell high...
Buy tanks and then troops on the Purchase menu, then sell as much as you can on the public market.
If you have tech and buildings like I said, you can buy tanks for $397 and troops for $97 each.
You can then sell tanks for $490 and troops for $118. If the market allows you that.

Playing turns...

1. First turn of the day: cash one turn to get your money..
2. buy enough food for 30-40 turns.
3. Use 20% of your money to buy tech if your levels need topping up.
4. Scout out one or two good landgrabs.. Choose demos or Republics, because they are more likely to have the kinds of buildings you want.
5. Make the grabs, and get rid of the bad buildings and build up your new ones.
6. Check your food.. If you have enough, cash a few turns.
7 Check the Public market for food prices.. If $4 or below, buy it.. Keep cashing turns and checking for food prices...
8. When out of turns, go to Purchase menu and buy ALL the tanks you can. If you have money left, buy all the Troops you can.
9. On the public market, sell ALL the troops and Tanks you can. Troops for $118 (as of today) and tanks for $490 (as of today). You will need to monitor the market to make sure that no one has put MILLIONS of good s on the market for lower prices. Use good judgement here.
10. Log off for 12 hours and start over.
Now although a Democracy is the easiest to run because of your poor military and spying you could very well become a target for countries that need land. I suggest that you find a Alliance not a clan that can give you some protection from over land grabbing. You don't want to become someones land fluff!




Aug 12th 2019, 20:10:47

Thank you for this!




Aug 13th 2019, 5:47:00

Yeah don't play any strats this guy posts. They're from 20 years ago with completely different mechanics. I assume he is posting them for posterity but you won't get far playing them




Aug 13th 2019, 14:03:11

mil bases don't help much so more ent and res buildings.
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