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Don Machiavelli's NLS Industrial Communist/Tyranny Strategy
Story By: Don Machiavelli -- Posted On: 8/15/00

This strategy is totally different than a cash democracy/ republic. You will eventually start to lose money every turn, but you make your military units from production in industry rather than buying them with cash. In times of war, an industrialist will ALWAYS work better than a casher or techer. INDUSTRIALISTS SHOULD NOT MAKE MONEY FROM TAXES. IF YOU ARE, THEN YOU HAVE TOO MANY ENT/RES AND ARE NOT FOCUSING ON THE PRIMARY FUNCTION OF YOUR STRATEGY, TO RAPIDLY GAIN NET WORTH AND TO PRODUCE MILITARY CONSISTENTLY IN WAR. All of your income will come from selling units that you produce. Sell all of the units you can [generally 1/3 of your total available units in that category] on the public market, usually turrets, but sometimes troops or tanks depending on market conditions. Selling the ‘extra’ production is a key element of this strategy, and unless close attention is paid to market conditions, you will not be successful.

General conditions and operating procedures:
1] Ally ONLY with NLS members. It is recommended that you ally with people in your division to help promote communication. We do not want entangling alliances or commitments to other people’s battles.
2] Specialize your building regimen into one or two types. By having a variety, you are wasting land on non-productive buildings.
3] Only login to the game every 18 hours to get your six free turns from being off the server, and don’t forget those freebies! Remember, EVERY turn counts.
4] ALWAYS KEEP AN EYE on your cash and food reserves, as running out of one of these will be detrimental to your country’s net worth.
5] Only build the maximum number of buildings you can. For instance, if you can build 20 buildings per turn (BPT), but you only have 18 free acres to build on, hold out until you get sufficient land to make 20 buildings on 20+ free acres.
6] When land grabbing a country, only grab them ONCE and make sure they are not tagged as belonging to another alliance. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES but war are you to land grab a country more than once.

Notes about communism/tyrant industrialists
1] A commie/tyrant only needs two buildings to survive: Industrial Complexes (IC) and Construction Sites (CS)
2] Do not build Enterprise Zones or Residences under any circumstances, as they do not help very much. [If these buildings are captured from land grabbing, I feel it is OK to leave them stand as they provide some small income to offset the large military machine that you will be building. Purists will destroy them to rebuild IC, but I feel that the cost of destruction added to the cost of reconstruction does not really make it worthwhile.]
3] Do not build Research Labs, as you will be buying your technology. Any labs acquired from land grabbing need to be torn down, preferably when you need a few more acres to make a full build [i.e. you have 75 BPT, and you have 50 free acres plus 27 labs acquired from LG. Destroy 25 labs and build 75 IC on the remainder.]
4] There are two philosophies on farms. One is to buy ALL of your food on the market, and the other is to build enough farms to support yourself with food. Both have their advantages, as the pure industrialist will maximize his output potential, and the minimal farmer will run less risk of losing net worth to food shortages. I am in the latter category, as I have a hard time watching the food levels, so having food on hand is a lot easier for me in the long run. Both work, but later in the game when food goes above $5 per bushel, it is strongly recommended producing your own food as opposed to buying it.
5] A well run industrialist is in the red and will constantly lose money.
6] When producing units, produce 100% of whichever unit is slated for output. Dividing your production into smaller percentages, while easier, is not the most efficient manner of production. Change the industrial output in the ‘country management’ section on the main page of the game whenever you want to change unit type.
7] Even though you will not be researching for technology, do not neglect this deficit. If done correctly, you should be producing surplus money from your equipment sales, which first needs to be put into industrial tech to further enhance output, then weapons tech to enhance land gains [see flow chart found below] yielding good tech levels in relatively short order.

Stage #1- START of GAME to TURN #99 and The LIMIT of PROTECTION

For this first block of turns, all of your income will come from selling spies on the PRIVATE MARKET. Every detail counts at this point in your country’s development, because this is the foundation for what you are going to build the rest of the country on. Small mistakes or oversights now will yield big losses later on, so pay attention!

1) Sell your troops on the private market (this link is at the bottom of the Purchases page, or private market menu, titled Sell Military) for extra cash and to reduce military costs
2) Set your tax rate to 39%
3) Build 40 Construction Sites (CS)
4) Change your gov’t to Communism (at this point, with recent changes, you are on your own, but this is a tried method so it should be OK)
5) Set industrial production to 100% Spies
6) Build 4 more CS
7) Now you start building Industrial Complexes (IC) to produce 100% spies. Build the maximum # of IC possible for one turn (should be 20)
8) Sell the spies you have produced in a manner similar to the way you did at the beginning of the game selling your troops on private market [see #1 above]
9) Make sure you sell your spies EVERY TURN because they have a high military cost
10) If you run out of money while building, go back to building CS and selling spies on the private mkt. (You probably want to build up CS in blocks of 4, 1 turn at a time, selling the spies made in between)
11) Repeat steps 9 & 10 until you run out of land
12) To get more land, explore for 1 turn and sell off the spies produced
13) Build all IC and CS, as you will buy food as necessary, so farms are not needed at this point. I vary from this fine point slightly as it is beneficial for me to build up enough farms to produce the food I need without crashing my country with a food shortage. From what little I have lost in potential IC output, I have gained by not losing it through the catastrophic loss due to food shortages… Build ONLY enough farms to cover food, and usually none are required in the first 100 turns anyway
14) Continue to sell spies on the private mkt
15) Repeat steps 12-14 for the remaining turns until you reach turn # 99 and then stop, no matter what. At this point you want to save an extra day’s turns (like 80 or so all together) to make a rush out of protection, and avoid simple grabs from those around you.

Stage #2- TURNS 100-199
For this second group of 100 turns, you will be coming out of protection, and from now on all of your income will come from selling equipment on the Public Market (Market link in game). At the end of each day you need to sell as many troops or turrets or tanks (not all of the above) as you can on the public market. While under protection, watch prices of the mkt to determine what will give you your best ratio of dollars to units produced. This ratio is more important than anything else in your selling as you want to maximize your profit from sales, to be able to run your country and to have extra cash to purchase the precious technology that makes things run better. Most people it seems use industrialist starts, no matter what strategy because it gains net worth faster and more consistently than any other start to a game strategy. This will make the market soft for a period of time until some get discouraged or change to their other strat, at which time the market will firm up and prices will go up again. With any extra money you have at the end of your turns, it is imperative that you buy technology when it is cheaper than $3500 per point [see tech flow chart below]

1) Build up 8-12 more CS selling spies every turn.
2) Now that you are coming out of protection you need to build up some defenses.
3) You should have a good little bit of money in the bank (perhaps $1.5 million or more) to keep you alive for a few turns, so set your industrial output to 100% of the selected equipment (more below), presumably turrets depending on conditions.
4) If you have run out of land, or need more to get to your BPT quota, explore just enough to meet that BPT level.
5) Build IC (and Farms when necessary) and CS when you don’t have the money in the bank to support building IC. DO not be afraid to have so many CS and to keep building more, as these are what get you a leg up on your opponents. The more buildings per turn you can build, the faster you can grow.
6) Repeat steps 3 & 4 until you reach around 2000 acres total land area, at which point you will want to start thinking about building up some offensive equipment (mainly jets as they are the most bang for your buck, but also some troops and tanks) in preparation for land grabbing.
7) Continue to produce your equipment for primary income for AT LEAST 25 turns per day, as this allows you to not only sell 1/3, but also to grow in total quantity over time, despite the fact that you are selling a considerable amount off.
8) When the majority of countries have over 2200 acres, start making attacks to grab land from them. If necessary, explore only to gain back military readiness (as well as building CS), but from here on out land grabbing is your primary source of land.
9) Land grab as much as you can, but be careful not to get more land than those around you as you will get raped and find recovery difficult.
10) As mentioned above, build CS as you want to get to the level of 120 BPT or more as soon as you can, but do not sacrifice land grabbing to build CS. Land is one of the ‘fuels’ that make your country grow- do not neglect it!
11) Every day before you log out, sell a portion of your surplus equipment on the public market for a reasonable price. This equipment type can be determined by inspecting the market daily, and seeing which equipment yields the most profit / #s produced. This is determined by comparing the # of pieces produced at 100% output per turn, relative to their total dollar value in market at the time. [I.e. You make 5500 troops per turn and they are selling for $100 each = $550000 dollars per turn output. At the same level of production, you only make 4200 turrets per turn and these are selling for $135 = $567000, and tanks are made at 1015 per turn and are selling for $480 each = $487000. You can see that at this point, the best thing to market is the turrets as this yields the most $ per turn from your production. This is not difficult to tell, but time consuming, however also a key to success in the game using this strategy.] Unfortunately the market varies in price from day to day, so it is necessary to consider what the market is doing in order to survive and grow. Without the income from market EVERY DAY, your country will founder and never reach top ranking status. If this part is too difficult, or you are not confident what to do or sell, check with your division advisor or leader, and they can help you make this decision.
12) If for some unforeseen reason your equipment does not sell, switch production to 100% spies and sell them each turn as before to fund your country. This form of growth is limited but allows you to keep up with others around you on land, until you can get the feel for the market, and how it works.

Stage #3- Turns 200-299 and beyond…

From this point onward, you should always be making your income from selling units on the public market. This is the point when you need to focus on building up an offensive army, balanced with 25 turns per day dedicated to producing a surplus of equipment for sale on the market. Also, you need to work on getting your Industrial Technology level up to 125% of normal.
1) Continue to add to your stockpile of jets. In times of war, we will not be adding jets to our line-up, but for non-war time action, jets yield the most offensive power for the amount of $ spent on them.
2) Good rule of thumb for DAILY output of offensive equipment is 15 turns primary (jets in non-war and troops or tanks in war times), 3 turns troops, 2 turns tanks and 2 turns spies. All equipment (except jets) needs to be held in reasonable #s to prevent specialist attacks. Remember to switch the country management industrial output as you go.
3) Keep grabbing land from non-tagged targets found either in our database or in the game under news, but ALWAYS double check that your target is not a friend or a member of one of the larger alliances. DO NOT fall behind on land or you will lose ranking rapidly.
4) Keep salting away tech as you can buy it… As the game progresses, tech comes easier because it falls in price over time.
5) Eventually, you will convert your government to tyrant, but only when the time warrants it, as communists have more potential for rapid growth and net worth gaining.
6) When switching to tyrant, sell ALL of your units that you can on the public market to minimize the loss by attrition and to give you sufficient $ to rebuild the lost buildings destroyed in the conversion. Do this very last thing the night before your change. Switch the government at the beginning of your turns the next day, and spend your money rebuilding the lost buildings, not only to recover, but to regain your lost readiness, as this falls to 50% when you change. Leadership will make the final determination as to when to do the switch.

Goals to achieve…
1) First week: 90 CS and some small % of ind tech
2) Second week: 200 CS, begin buying research in earnest
3) Third week: 300 CS, continue to buy research, with more focus on weapons
4) Fourth week on out to end of game: Maintain and increase research levels (see flow chart)
5) Change to Tyranny, when called for by leadership

Research flow chart (borrowed from Axil)
Types and quantities of tech to purchase in desired order of accomplishment.
1) Industrial Tech to 115%
2) Weapons Tech to 120%
3) Ind Tech to 125%
4) Bus/Res Tech to 125%
5) Weapons Tech to 130%
6) Medical Tech to 87%
7) Bus/Res Tech to 140%
8) Farming Tech to 120%
9) Weapons Tech to 140%
10) Warfare Tech to 1%
11) Spy Tech to 115%
12) SDI Tech to 50%
13) Military Tech to 92%
14) Weapons Tech to 145+%
15) Bus/Res Tech to 150+%
16) Medical Tech to 80-%

Tech Maximums
Military: 90%
Medical: 72%
Business: 170%
Residential: 170%
Agriculture: 155%
Weapons: 148%
Warfare: 2%, unless in times of war, then higher….
Spy: 125%
Industrial: 136%
SDI: 85%, with 70% a good holding point in non-war times

Following these guidelines will insure your success in this game, not only in net gaining, but also in times of war, when you need the edge to beat your opponent. After all, this IS a war game, and preparation for war is essential to survival and growth. If there are questions, please come to me with them. If there are any changes or improvements, please inform me.

Democracy Casher Strategy
Written by Supertodd, edited by Treebeard
[highly recommended for tourney only]
Step 1: Sell troops and switch to Commie govt. before you spend a turn. Change tax rate to 33% (33-35% depending on your preference) and while you are there, switch spy prod to 100%

Step 2: Build 40 CS ( this takes you to 15 buildings per turn) and then start building IC. Commies have a pretty good ind. advantage...You will be making $ every turn from here on out, which is nice for a change. The only thing you have to watch closely is food.... Food is bought on the market until the price goes over $5/bushel. As with our own commie strat, sell your spies EVERY turn to get the $ needed to build and keep costs down by selling EVERY turn. Explore as necessary until you get to turn #88. Save up turns to rush out into non-protection while switching to making turrets to sell on the market for your growth (building) income. Do not LG right away, unless you are defending... (up to you) Keep building CS every day, about 12-16/day....along with IC... Exploration should be sufficient to get land for now.

Step 3: If you have been following these guidelines, you should be around 3500 acres (don’t get bigger than those around you) and close to the top ten... Time to start THINKING about switching to cashing. Start buying up ent/res tech when it gets to a reasonable price, like $3500 - 4000 or so... up to you. This keeps your cash flow positive... You need to have about 150% in each before switching. Also buy up a little mil tech and weap tech, to keep up...and keep some of the costs down. Begin thew change by switching your government to a democracy. Switch your buildings from IC to ent/res in equal amounts and only enough to satisfy the amount of buildings / turn that your CS will allow. This will probably take about two days or so. Don’t worry, your $ starts to grow and you buy more and more tech and mil from the $ you make.... IMPORTANT! Keep about 10% of the total # of IC and when through with the conversion, set Ind output to 100% spies and leave it there. Also watch that food... It is a killer to run out... Buy tech when needed to keep up, but mainly just get enough food on hand at all times to keep everyone fed for the day. Note.... this period I have tried inserting more military bases, after reviewing the success of the BoA Republic countries in standard, and have noticed a considerable increase in tax revenue from less military cost. These were built in a 5:5:1 ratio, ent/res/MB. This seems to work, even with the limitation on land availablity in upper level tourney.

Step 4: Rapid you need to go out and start taking land. Not only should you get your ent/res techs up to 180% or better, shoot for 145% weap tech to help successfully LG... This keeps your income very high and also allows you to keep up with the big boys on land... S

Step 5: Cashing.... Once you have got your military working, start making less attacks and concentrate on cashing. Use Planned strikes to get more yield on LGs and use your time hitting the cash button. Use your excess $ over what you need to keep in the top ten (around #5 or so) to either buy tech, or save it and hold out until the game’s end. I like 4:2:4:1 ratio of troops, jets, turrets, and tanks. This prevents this recent trend to GS destruction, and troops are a stable investment in NW.... If you use alot of troops in LG, opponents will get the picture of what you have without having to look, and will not retal with GS. Be sure to keep up with CS along the way... Also get your techs maxed out at 192% ent/res and 86% mil, and 154% weap and 75% mil losses, along with a strong SDI and some spy tech to protect your hiney...Ind and Ag tech are optional as you see fit. Don’t worry about the #1 ranked guy as his military is probably killing him and he won’t stay there. You will pass him at the end of the game.

Step 6: Game’s end.... You should have a lot of $ laying around, probably in excess of $1.5 billion or so [ed. note: I have not seen this yet]... (don’t go over $2.1 billion... there is a bug and you lose it- if you get close, spend it on mil or tech) Since you have been buying mil tech, you can play the markets too, buying cheap on the private mkt and then reselling on the public mkt. This will come in the last week or so of the game (earlier if you can)... you yo-yo on ranking, but you always have enough $ to take you right back to the top. Now at the very end of the game, about 2 hours before closing (if you can get online then), buy out the private mkt of troops and tanks. Then look at buying troops and tanks out on the public mkt, or turrets/jets on the private... Troops are 1 NW each, jets and turrets 1.1, and tanks 4. You want the greatest NW/dollar spent ratio.... With this strat you should be able to hit 40 mil NW and get top ranking...


Farmer Strategy with Communist switching to Tyranny
By: Axil
This is the first 130 turns detailed out somewhat along with the important
switch to a Tyranny Farmer. There are probably little things that i've
missed and will update this page if necessary and if people request it...

Communist Industrial Stage (first two weeks for so)
Set your tax rate to 35%
Change production to 100% spies
Sell the 100 troops

Build 24 C-sites
Change your Government to Communist

Build 14 Indus
Sell your spies
Build 4 more C-sites
Sell your spies

From here on, you will be building all