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Indy to techer to casher strategy
by Beltshumeltz of The Devil's Advocates
Published by Tumi of LCN

Disclaimer: Author - Note, I am a very poor writer in english, since it's not my first language, so bear with me :P

Also, note that I wrote this strategy around 9 months ago, and since that time I have learned a lot about the game, and have perfected my casher strategy by a lot. However this is a copy of the strategy I wrote 9 months ago, and I don't plan to update it for the public. This strategy still is one of the best you can find publicly on the net, so I hope it helps you.

If you want to become a great player, you will need 2 things. The first one is a good basic strategy like this one. The second thing is a lot of will (and free time) to practice is and to learn to optimize your gameplay. Reading this strategy is only half of what you need to do to become a great player.

General: This is one of the easiest and most poweful strategy to use. Most 1A winners have used this one. Most of the people that you see getting 30 to 70 million NW in tournaments use this one. Even a NEWBIE could get 30m NW in tourney, or 60m NW in 1A on his very first try with this.

A good thing with this is that you will start very poweful from the beginning. However, this period that you will spend in the top 3 in tournaments, or in top 100 in 1A only last about 72 hours :) As soon as you prepare to switch to casher, you will drop fast... But it's worth it, since (in tourney) 1 week later you will be at the top again, and will spend the rest of the reset in that position, beating all the industrial with ease.

Things to remember: I did not take random events into account when I wrote this. So if an earthquake destroys some of your buildings, either rebuild them and keep on following my strategy, or modify my instructions to fit your country's production.

Publisher's note: Underlined text indicates links in-game and italic text important notes or selections. They're there to easen up your reading.

[ 1st part - industrial phase | 2nd part - techer phase | 3rd part - casher phase | 4th part - regaining rank | 5th part - stockpiling ]

1st part, the industrial phase, from turn 0 to 300
In this phase its extremely easy to follow my instructions, however it is also important not to mess up. If you lose 1 turn now doing something you shouldn't do, thats 20m $ less at the end. So follow my instructions carefully.

Step 1 - Go to your main menu, and click on country management. Set the following options: Tax rate at 70%, production at 100% spies. Don't change your government, stay Monarchy. Then click on purchase, then on sell military. Sell your 100 troops.

Step 2 - Build 1CS (see list of stands for)

Step 3 - Go back to country management and set tax rate to 35%. It will stay at 35% for the rest of the game.

Step 4 - Build 39 more CS. You might need to build 10 or less at a time since you are low on cash, but be sure to build exactly 39 more CS. You are done with building CS for a couple of turns now as you have 40 of them now.

Step 5 - Build 15 industries. As you see, from now, you are producing spies. Every single turn from now on, you will click on purchase, then on sell military and sell all your spies. If I tell you to build 60 industries, it means build 15 industries, sell spies, and repeat this 3 more times.

Step 6 - Build 45 industries. Remember to sell spies every turn!

Step 7 - From now on you will do the following until turn #75 (you can see how many turns you played by clicking on status). So do this: Explore one turn. Sell spies. Click on build, check if you have enough money to build 15 industries. If so, build them, then repeat the operation. If you didn't have enough money to build 15 industries, then explore once more, then sell spies and build the industries (or repeat this operation until you have money for 15 industries).

NOTE - To make sure that you don't run out of food, when you start running low build 10 farms and 5 oil rigs, instead of 15 industries, but only one time. Be sure to spend one turn doing this even if you don't run low on food, just to make sure that you'll have the oil rigs when out of protection.

Step 8 - I hope that you stopped doing #7 at turn 75. If you didn't, well just start this all over again and follow this more carefully next time, LOL. Right now you should have around 250 industries, maybe more... Some free land, and 40 CS. Sell the rest of your spies.

Step 9 - Go to your main menu, then country management, and switch production to 100% jets.

Step 10 - Similar to step 7. See if you have enough money to build 15 industries. If not, explore once. However, if you still don't have enough money, build 4 CS. Repeat this step until that you have 20,000 jets or more (check your status every couple of turns. You must stop doing this step as soon as you get your 20k jets.)

Step 11 - If its not turn 100 yet, build CS until it is. Then click on market, then sell goods. Sell 5000 jets. When your jets sell and that you have over 50 turns ready to use, continue with the next step. Note- If you ever run out of food, you have the choice to either buy it from the public market, or to build one turn of farms.

Step 12 - Build as many industries on your free land as you can. However be sure to build only full turns of buildings. Which means that if your BPT is of 16, do not ever build less than 16 at a time.

Step 13 - Go to your scores list (be sure to wait till it's updated). Find the fattest target and landgrab it with all your jets (using a SS). As long as you get more than 50 acres per attack, its ok.

Step 14 - Build the land with industries (if you don't have money to build all the land, don't worry about it. Just build as much as you can). Then, build 4 CS. If you failed your landgrab, however, just build 4 CS at a time, until your readiness is at 99 or 100%.

Step 15 - Repeat step #13 and #14 until you have spent 2/5th of your available turns.

Step 16 - Switch production to 100% turrets.

Step 17 - Open your latest scores list in a new window. You will only landgrab people from this old scores list, since that you aren't producing jets anymore. Landgrab the fattest person in the old scores list with all your jets, using a SS.

Step 18 - Build the land if you got the money, then 4 CS, as usual.

Step 19 - Repeat step 17's landgrab part until you have 12 turns left or less.

Step 20 - Now find another fat target from the scores list. Send a PS, with 3/4th (not more!) of your jets.

Step 21 - Build then land, then build 4 CS. But be sure to keep one turn for step 22!

Step 22 - Sell 1/4th of your jets, and 1/4th of your turrets on the market. Now wait till the military sells and that you have about 70 turns available again.

Step 23 - Switch production to 100% jets.

Step 24 - Build your free land with industries.

Step 25 - Go to your scores list and landgrab the fattest target with a SS, then build the land with industries, then 4 CS.

Step 26 - After 2/5th of your turns, switch production to 40% jets and 60% turrets.

Step 27 - Repeat step 26 until you have 2000 acres, and be sure to get there before you run out of turns.

Step 28 - Find a fat target in your scores list and send 3/4th of your jets on a PS. Build the land. Sell military on the public market. If you have any free money at this point, buy yourself a couple of tanks.

Step 29 - Build CS, and only CS. Build them all your turns, then sell military on the market. Once you get to a total of 160 csites and about 10million bucks, skip to step

Status at this point - About 300 or less turns played. 2200 acres or so. 160 CS. 1.5m+ NW. Still high ranked.

2nd part, the techer phase
Step 1 - Tear down any buildings other then CS, industries or tech labs, 45 at a time, then rebuild the free land in research labs.

Step 2 - Start tearing down industries 45 at a time, then rebuild the land in research labs. Do this until you have less then 100 industries left.

Step 3 - Switch production to 100% spies. It will stay this way until the end.

Step 4 - From now on, whenever you run low on food, buy it from the public market. Same thing for oil, buy it as you need it. Your land should now include 160 CS, about 2000 research labs and 100 industries.

Step 5 - Start researching residential and buisiness technologies equally at once. Get both techs up to 160%.

3rd part, the casher convertion
Note - Its very important that from this point forward, that you play only when you have 50 or more turns available at once.

Step 1 - Switch government to republic.

Step 2 - Spend 3/5th of your available money to tear down research labs.

Step 3 - Build the free land equally in residence and enterprise zones.

Step 4 - Repeat step 2 until you have 0 research labs left. Congradulations, you are now a casher and hopefully you didn't lose too much rank in your switch. However, getting back in the higher ranks in the hardest part of this strategy.

Note - Since the rest of this strategy is harder to predict on a turn per turn basis since you will often fail landgrabs, I will not list it in numerical steps anymore.

4th part, getting your rank back
This is the only part that is pretty different from a tournament then from a standard or FFA game. I will start with how to do it in tournament. You should read it even if you use this for another game. At the end of this file, I will write how to modify this strategy for other games.

Getting your rank back - Tournament edition

Click on search. Type in two digits, which will give you a list of 25 possible targets. Find one that has 2.5 times more networth than you have of jets. Landgrab him once. If you can't find anyone with first search, type in another two digits and try again until you do. Use of common sense is preferred.

Then build the land in the following ratio: 47.5% residence, 47.5% enterprise zones and 5% industries. Since you will have gained unwanted buildings, if you get over your 5% ratio of industries, just stop building industries for a while. If you get other types of buildings, just tear them down if you have no more land to build on and your readiness is low, or if you just failed a landgrab and need something to spend turns doing. Basically, just adjust your land as needed.

After every landgrab, spend money on res and bus tech to keep them at least at 150%, preferrably a bit higher, at all time, and spend the rest of the money to buy jets. When you get to the last 2/5th of your turns, save the money until the last turn. Then spend it on turrets and tanks. At all time, keep 2/10th as many tanks as you have turrets. Also, keep about the same amount of jets and turrets on logout.

Things to remember:

1 - If you fail attacks too often, start hitting smaller targets.

2 - Always check your target's news to see if they have been hit in the last 24 hours. If so, dont hit them unless you are sure of getting a lot of land.

3 - On your last few turns, send all your jets on a PS. Or better yet, send 2 PSs on smaller targets with 50% of your jets on each.

4 - Get some land, and lots of it. If you get landgrabbed too much, then just keep a higher ratio of res and bus technology. Try to get as much land as possible before the last week of the game. By this time, you should be back in top 10. When you reach 15,000 acres or when there are less than 5 days left for the reset start stockpiling.

5th part, Stockpiling
This is pretty much the easiest part. From now on, you use the cash utton every single turn. It's also time to get more tanks and turrets. Maybe troops as well, it's your choice. Since you won't attack anymore, sell 1/4th of your jets everyday. Buy as many turrets and tanks as you feel that you need, but do not buy too much! It cost maintenance so if you have too many units now, you will gain considerably less money at the end.

Also, max these techs a bit. Start by maxing residence and business to their max (180%) [Publisher's note: 178% is enough]. Then get weapons tech a bit over 120%, then military cost to 87%, and SDI to about 40%. This is just to ensure that you won't get suicided on in the last week.

Now calculate how much money you have turns to cash until the end of the reset (you get 63 turns a day in tourney). Any money that you would have gained above 2billion bucks needs to be spent on either food at 4$ or less (preferable) or on getting more weapon, sdi, conditionning, medical, warfare, and military cost techs.

Cash until there are 24 hours left to the tournament.

If you are 101% sure to be able to login 2 hours before the end of the reset and to stay online for 2 hours straight then do this: Sell all your food, oil and 1/4th of your tech. Food at 2$. Sell oil 1$ lower than the current price. Sell tech at 600 to 800$. In general, undercut the current prices by 25-50 bucks, but not under 500.

If you aren't 100% sure of being able to login 2 hours before the end, then just skip this part.

Now, it's very important that you use a calculator for this. You need to understand that:

1 troop = 1 NW
1 turret or jet = 1.1 NW
1 tank = 4 NW
1 tech point = 4 NW
Now if you had 87% military cost tech or so, go to your purchase market. Buy every military unit in it. And I *do* mean every. If you don't have enough money to buy everything in it, then just buy what is better for the bucks, keeping the net value of each unit in mind. [Publisher's note: That means you first of buy all the troops, then tanks, then jets and then turrets, until you have no more money.]

If you bought all that you had on your private market then go to the public market. Spend all of your money on either military units or tech, considering that you want to have the most net value for the money.

If you didn't sell your goods earlier, then click on purchase, then on sell military and sell all your food. Then spend the money on military.

If you did sell your goods earlier, then logout and 2 hours before the end login again. If your food and tech sold, great, you are lucky. Spend the money purchasing military from your private market which should be resplenished some by now. If you have money left, spend it on the public market for whatever has more net value for the money.

If your goods didn't sell yet, then you are doomed to log in your country every minute or so to spend money if it ever sells. If you don't have time for this, be damn sure to log in 10 minutes before the end of tourney to spend any money you might have, or it's lost money.

End of Tournament strategy.

Finishing in Standard and FFA
If you played this strategy in a standard game or in FFA, then do almost the same.

However, in 1A, when you start landgrabbing as a casher, after each landgrab build 4 CS. And try to save 8 or 12 turns at the end to build more CS everyday. Stop building them once you get 300 to 450 CS, depending on your confidence to finish well (if you think you'll get 30k or more land before the last 3 weeks of the game, then go for 450 CS. Once you are done with your CS, continue the strategy as planned. Some people might enjoy getting some military cost, conditionning, SDI, warfare, and weapon tech earlier in standard though. It's up to you.

To find targets, you can either click on search and type in 3 or 4 digits, or you can use the Gamerstown's Country report engine if your alliance has Gamerstown account (and if this is for 1A only). Attack with all your jets, people who have 2.5 times more networth than you have of jets. If you got some weapon tech, keep it in mind. If you have some troops and tanks (lots of them) then send a small portion (1/3 to 1/2) of these units as well when you landgrab.

Also in standard, you should start getting troops and more tanks than in tournament. I will leave this to your discretion since there isn't a huge difference.

Also stop landgrabbing either 3 weeks before the end, or whenever you get 40k acres (if you feel safe enough to get more land before the end go for it, but it's risky. However regardless of this, you must stop grabbing 3 weeks before the end). Then start stockpiling. In standard however, you should start spending your money maybe 48 hours before the end, instead of 24 to 36 hours as I recommended for the tournament. The same similar rules apply about selling food and tech.

End of Standard and FFA strategy


1 - As soon as you start landgrabbing, it might be wise to get allies. Be sure to fill in your defensive alliances. Offensive alliance are good if your allies do not use PS's. Be sure to have intelligence allies. For research allies, get them only if techers don't mind if you leech their techs for free.

2 - This strategy might contain errors in it. if you see them, go right ahead and tell me so I can fix them. Also, I will probably add some tips and maybe try and improve this strategy a bit as I experience new tactics. Just ask me for a newer version every month or so and I may have one for you then.

3 - Small errors as typos and stuff like that should be reported to publisher. The mistakes in strategy should be reported to author. Thanks.

Good luck, I hope this helped you out.

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