Jun 5th 2019, 4:12:59

layers's Industrialist Strategy
Story By: Slayer -- Posted On: 8/15/00

Startup =================================================================================
1) set tax to 34% and gov to either Dict, Commie, Tyranny or stay at Monarchy (They're all good. Tyr has a 1 turn attack though) 2) build 40 Csites. This should give you a bpt of 15. Next goal is to build 350 indies. Set spy prod to 100% this is how to get 350 indies without losing money build 15 indies sell spies on the private market after that repeat step 1 explore when you run out of land start again Only time when you get out this cycle is when you need food. When that happens build 10 indies and 5 farms * From now on every time you log on build 10 csites till you get around 250-300 3) switch prod to 100% turrets, keep exploring land, building indies, sell extra turrets when you need the cash (b4 you log out) 4) when you get to about 1.2 k indies switch production to 45% turrets 45% jets 5% troops 5% tanks 5) with your extra cash buy indy tech. Max it out Land grabbing (for all strats) Need to know!!!!! ================================================================================= There are 2 ways of doing this You can hit people lower than you on the score list. Nice targets are always reps, demos and theos. You can PS someone and get major acres doing this. but after while when you get really high; you get retalled You can bottom-feed. That is hitting a lot of people that are a lot lower than you. You need to do this when you are near the top. 2 problems with this are: hitting people that are suiciders: guys who will go after you because you took a little land and the 2nd is having to hit a lot of people to get the amount of land you would get by hitting someone on your score list mid-game ================================================================================= You are now a very powerful fighter, take advantage of it. You can now get landfat without worrying about getting lged. Bulid more indys and produce 50% jets and turrets Be very careful though. Don't hit big alliances. They will gladly take your land away. end-game (stockpiling) ================================================================================= Around the last 2 weeks of the reset; start stockpiling. Sell all your jets. You won't need them. Set production to 100% tanks and buy tanks at the end with ALL your cash. Congrats, you just got top 1000 with no problem. See? Not hard at all.
2000 Slayzer inc.