Jun 5th 2019, 4:30:42

All farmers should follow the monarchy start up

Farmers are excellent fighters, and with the new 225% agricultural techs they will be a force in terms of networth gaining.
If you ran an industrialist before, then this is the strategy that I recommend you play this round. If food hits
higher than 6 (and it will) you will have an awesome netgaining strat and unrivaled fighting country.
The main idea: To produce food and then sell it on the market at high prices. The money you gain will be used to purchase tech and
military units. Also you can always sell 100% of your food so you are not limited by the 25%
market restrictions.

The strat:

Ok, do the normal 100 turn startup. Once you get the money back from selling your first batch of units, then you will want to explore
and build mostly industrial complexes. I recommend building enough farms to keep your
food-flow positive. Once you hit 1000 acres you should start attacking for land, as it will be more
profitable than exploring. If you have an extra turn here and there and don't have enough to
build a round of industrial (usually while you are waiting to recover readiness) then you should build
construction sites. Building construction sites, or getting to 100 builds per turn is not as crucial for a farmer as it is for a casher or
techer. This is because food is produced every round regardless of what you do with your turns.
Therefore you can afford to spend all of your turns attacking and grabbing and not have to have as
many builds per turn as those other 2 strategies require. I normally suggest building around 10 or so construction sites per day, most
of them which you can build while waiting to regain readiness. If near the end of your turns
you have not built your 10 cs for the day I recommend filling out your remaining turns filling up your
quota. You can always build more but this is the minimum I suggest.

You should continue to build industry and sell the max units you can at the end of every day.
Once agricultural tech becomes available for less than 3000 per point it is time to shift to farmer. From here on out build only
farms. Try to get your tech as high as you can (it will reach 225%). Sell all your food at the end of every
day. I recommend keeping the industrial complexes you have, there is no real reason to tear them
down since you will get some good units out of them (shift some production to spies, and the rest to whatever you like). In the
beginning you will need to sell a few units to finance construction, but as you make more and more
food you will shift to becoming a food-seller only. Remember the importance of agricultural tech!
Having 200% ag tech means your land is acting like it is actually double in size!

Since you can afford to use all of your turns to build, I recommend switching to dictator once you are able to build 50 or more
buildings per turn. Dictator has a big military and spy advantage, and coupled with networth of a food
country makes for an awesome and deadly fighter. You can easily overcome the construction speed
penalty since you can afford to spend all of your turns building, unlike a techer or casher.
I consider this strat the new successor to the old industrialist. It is the ideal war strat in my opinion, and a great netgaining strat.