Mar 12th 2019, 0:58:54

I read that after 2 billion in you lose money. If this is true how does it work? Thanks.




Mar 12th 2019, 15:32:25

player loses portion of money to corruption if has over 2b bucks and losses gets bigger when amount of money over 2b gets bigger. not that noticeable if has positive income but eventually tax income turns negative.

by qz: - If you have more than 2B on hand when you play a turn, any money over that 2B threshold will be subject to 0.1% "corruption" -- the same rate as food decay; this means if you have $3.5B on hand, you will be lose $1.5M per turn in corruption; $4B you will lose $2M corruption - a good rule-of-thumb is $1M corruption per B over 2B;
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