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ElPaco's 100 Turn StartUp
Story By: ElPaco -- Posted On: 8/15/00

The first 100 turns - this is how to spend them:
Change to democracy, 25% taxes.
Spend 46 turns building construction sites! Change to Communism with 33% taxes.
Sell your 100 troops on purchase. Change your production to 100% spies.
Fill up your acres with only industrials and enough farms to stay in the +.
Note the building rule on basics linked on the opening page).
If you can't afford filling your empty acres then build constructionsites until you can.
sell spies every turn on purchase) Sell all your spies on purchase.
Explore 2 turns. Repeat stage 6-9 until you reach approximately your 75:th turn.
Change your production to 60% jets and 40% turrets.
Repeat stage 6-9 until you have done your 100:th turn.
After your 100th turn change your percentages. but remember you will want to produce mostly Jets and Turrets.
I would say change spies from 0 to 5, troops from 0 to 10, Tanks from 0 to 20, Jets from 60 to 35 and Turrets from 40 to 30..
Example 2
The start of a Industralist Strategy
Sell all of your troops in the purchase menu and then the sell military menu.
this is where you will spend a lot of time in the first little while.) Switch to 34% tax rate. Switch the goverment to communism.
build 8 Construction sites(CS's) (8 turns)

build 18 industrial sites (2 turns)

build 9 industrial sites (1 turn)

sell spies (in purchase menu)

build 4 CS (4 turns)

build 8 CS (8 turns)

sell spies

build 36 industrial sites (3 turns)

build 8 CS sites (8 turns)

build 8 CS (8 turns)

sell spies

explore (5 turns)

build 72 industrial sites (4 turns)

build 18 farms (1 turn)

sell spies

build 18 industrial sites (1 turn)

explore (5 turns)

this takes you to about turn 50 or so... change production to 70% turrets and 30% spies. Continue to explore for 5 turns and then build untill that land is gone, selling spies when you need the cash. at turn 85-90 change production to 90% turrets and 10% spies... this will give you plenty of turrets coming out of protection and will also allow you to sell one third of them at the end of the day to have cash around... allowing you to keep your spies from this point on.