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Jan 8th 2020, 0:05:45

Originally posted by Ponti:
Originally posted by bug03:
Grats on 100

Originally posted by KoHeartsGPA:
Under 1m, not over, yeah I bought his stuff I believe LOL

17.4 mins ago

You sold 1,489,402 Turrets for $310,987,138

If that was you thank you at 232 :d

Yup right about there, congrats on the win!
Mess with me you better kill me, or I'll just take your pride & joy and jack it up

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Jan 8th 2020, 0:06:11

Originally posted by KoHeartsGPA:
Round 60 Top 10

Rank Country Land Networth Special
1 James Moriarty (#4) Game profile 51,117 $100,156,918 CG
2 Bug (#33) Game profile 43,700 $95,065,236 RG
3 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon (#48) 44,259 $68,899,964 CG
4 Prowler (#20) 45,962 $63,357,124 DG
5 Better Run Through The Jungle (#3) Game profile 32,118 $60,868,029 DG
6 BeE Po bEe po BEe pO (#29) Game profile 33,003 $55,455,337 DG
7 Dorsai (#15) Game profile 28,515 $54,751,532 DG
8 Agent Provocateur (#18) 25,708 $53,366,245 TG
9 DeLpHiNuS (#1) 29,409 $52,500,000 HG
10 EEVIL WAR MACHINE (#53) Game profile 39,611 $47,951,507 CG
Mess with me you better kill me, or I'll just take your pride & joy and jack it up

S.F. Giants 2010, 2012, 2014 World Series Champions, fluff YEAH!



Jan 8th 2020, 0:12:50

I recall my units as it is likely they will be sold.. glad i did that otherwise my networth will take a hammer

U guys give so much bluff.. i dont believe that many of u will go techers in the end lol.. the only strat i cant play is techer.. so i wont be that for sure.. probably going republic casher to see how it fares as a casher.. after next round i probably will finish my trial play and back to my usual commie or farmer round



Jan 8th 2020, 0:17:36

I didn't get a chance to log in and cash my last turns.. I just got home from work now

And I sold too much military today... oh well, I guess I finished 3rd and I would have finished 3rd either way

Would have been nice to break 70 mil tho

Congrats Ponti on the win and nice round by bug as well

Cheers everyone



Jan 8th 2020, 0:53:38

Nice job Hess.


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Jan 8th 2020, 1:25:21

Now that the results are in, an official congrats to herbs and everyone in the top 20 except Lebanon!



Jan 8th 2020, 4:40:00

Nice job to the final top 10.

I came in at 12, 75 turns unused and enjoyed a set of warring, so all up, I think I won! 😉

Still not against a double tap land grab, and prepared for the retal that may follow. Missed two retals but I was too badly hurt early on to catch up and return the favour - well played you two gents.

Anyone wanting to cry about getting grabbed more than once, just remember, It’s a game. ✌🏼



Jan 8th 2020, 5:06:06

I sold 10m units and forgot to log in again. Happens every reset. 😂
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Jan 8th 2020, 14:31:42

Originally posted by Molotov:
Thank you to Ponti for being a brilliant def ally!! And great job to him in making some very dangerous grabs and never eating a retal, despite having my weak turrets on his def ally ledger. I know it was costly in expenses, but it was very impressive!

I'm curious how much net I could have gotten if I'd just stayed techer. After food market bottomed out upon my conversion, it was honestly hard to stay invested in playing as I knew my chances of having a strong country had gone up in smoke. When I ate that (very avoidable) retal I didn't log in for over two days and lost over 100 turns to overflow. :/ Oh well, that just reflects poorly on my own attitude... will try to rebound next set. Really want to know what strats Bug, Rob, Ponti, Relax, KoH, Getafix, Hess, Delphinus, etc are playing next reset so we can get things nice and balanced and competitive for everyone!

Thanks pal

Lost billions in expenses to that particular aggressive style. Next set I'm not playing the front runner and will hide in the top 10 to 20 and chase retals when people hit me.

I'd say tech would have dropped 10% in price if you stayed, food up 10% in price and a final net of 85m is where you would have came in or around perhaps even a little higher.