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Feb 21st 2013, 8:13:26

Originally posted by martian:
Going forwards:

Joint KR will get you deleted.
Sharing an op with an ingame ally/
having an offensive ally and both grabbing will generally not .
Coordination of any type....AB, GS, BR etc...

In the case of a grey area (like dr abuse or other things) we reserve the right to make judgement.

Yes it's arbitrary.

If you are unsure feel free to ask in private prior to taking actions or just don't do it.
If you think someone else is in violation, report them ingame.

Posting here will generally *not* result in moderator action.

Altho this was posted on Primary forum, it also applies to all Solo Servers( Express, Primary and Tournament)

One note that is not in this post is this.

-Threaten to have your friends/allies help ruin/kill someone for any reason will get you deleted.

This is a Solo server teamplay is not acceptable.

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