Aug 9th 2019, 23:58:46

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This is a discussion for AFTER the new UI is complete. I just want to start conversation.

Should a feature be made to set Auto-Sell values for when something is above a certain number.

If I set spies to Auto-Sell at 3m then any spies i produce over 3m will be sold on the private market automatically.

Military, Food, Spies, etc.

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Aug 10th 2019, 2:01:24

I guess I could think of a couple uses for it; however, I think it would ultimately be under-utilized (much like the automatic sell food function is on FFA).
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Aug 10th 2019, 16:52:09

I could see uses for this for farmer,. that's just about it.
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Aug 29th 2019, 4:22:38

Originally posted by Celphi:
I could see uses for this for farmer,. that's just about it.

Agree.. Food is unique. Any other strategy would likely sell based upon an expected play schedule.. Like as an indy you think you can be on in x hours so you spend current turns accordingly. Oil doesn't decay and as a techer, or potentially even casher, it'd be a waste of turns.


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Aug 31st 2019, 10:28:24

if you consider the difference between private sell and public sell after taxes its 2.9 when foods at 30 and 35

so 8.814%

then with decay you lose something like 3.081% of surplus if you sell once a day

(just using rough number 78/2*(78+1) so a bit less since some goes away each turn)

of course theres the convenience of auto selling during a startup, but would there be a way to stop auto selling of turrets and possibly switch to jets at the appropriate point?

guess its not really worse having to turn the option of, but maybe an option to only sell troops/turrets on private during protection and not jets would help convenience more