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Sep 26th 2016, 14:33:36

Well damn this is his oldest son, my lil brother told me about him finding this post so i made an account and read through it. It is nice to see that so many cared for him even here, though i know he could be an ass sometimes something me and my lil brother have been doing as well. xD i might or might not be around here sometimes



Dec 1st 2018, 10:13:14

RIP buddy.

Slug was a great mentor to me in learning how the politics of the game worked. Slug was one of the people who was always around if I needed it - he was definitely a good friend when I was playing. His name is still in my Earth Wiki profile I made way back.

Cheers, man.

The person below me is sexy.


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May 5th 2019, 23:55:10

I haven't played in eons.

I was on 4A back in the day... Clan tag: Valks. Country: Serapis.

I remember dealing with Slug quite often during all the wars we used to have.

Till Valhalla.