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Jul 11th 2019, 20:03:25

Originally posted by Lord Tarnava:
... one of my editors has a Ph|D in biochem and is a postdoctoral researcher in cancer biology at UPenn...

I work at a restaurant 10 blocks away, have only an associates, and make more in middle management at a mom and pop group. Considering the cost of living here, $25/hr is frankly brutal. Considering each student pays that for a single year of education, it seems the university should have a suitable pay range. My brother makes as much teaching middle school band out here.

But yes, it is a product of the priorities of American's not so much the politicians themselves. Despite the rampant criminality up top, politicians do tend to address things a vast majority of people care about. For example, if conservatives were screaming about health care instead of building a wall with our taxes, you'd see at least an effort on behalf of the party. But immigration is a larger concern atm than health care. So the wall becomes a primary focus.

People say they care about a lot of things and typically health care is around 4th or 5th for many people. For me personally, it's well behind the environment right now. Just the way it is i suppose....

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