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Feb 17th 2019, 19:23:06

É óbvio que você é parcial. Os comunistas não negociam com ninguém, especialmente democracias. A Organização Mundial do Comércio não quer reconhecer violações grosseiras de acordos comerciais estabelecidos, por isso devemos lutar para proteger nossa soberania. Muitos comunistas em todo o mundo acolhem minhas ações e conquistas.

Eu não posso vê-lo atingindo seu objetivo que uma democracia normalmente quer, ou seu objetivo de matar meu país. Ele se gabava de sua contagem de mortes e que eu deveria seguir seu perfil. Talvez você tenha entendido mal a citação.

"Todos os homens podem ver as táticas que eu conquisto, mas o que ninguém pode ver é a estratégia da vitória."

"A capacidade de derrotar o inimigo é fornecida pelo próprio inimigo."

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Feb 17th 2019, 19:52:42

EFN: It is obvious that you are partial. Communists do not negotiate with anyone, especially democracies. The World Trade Organization does not want to recognize gross violations of established trade agreements, so we must fight to protect our sovereignty. Many communists around the world welcome my actions and achievements.

st0ny: yes, i see things very differently. i don't have in depth knowledge of the violations. share a few of them with me? i'm always open to new knowledge.

EFN: I can not see it attaining its goal that a democracy normally wants, or its goal to kill my country. He bragged about his death count and that I should follow his profile. Maybe you misunderstood the quote.

st0ny: did his bragging come after or before you multitapped him?

EFN: "All men can see the tactics that I conquer, but what no one can see is the strategy of victory."

st0ny: again, what tactics and strategy are you referring too? honestly, all i see was you instigating a war then got your ass whopped.

EFN: "The ability to defeat the enemy is provided by the enemy himself."

st0ny: true in most cases but not this time around. your enemy, celphi, did not give you anything. he was smart enough to save turns and not break GDI.
you on the other hand, did not join GDI and multitapped which would've broken GDI anyway. "The ability to defeat the enemy is provided by the enemy himself." you gifted celphi the ability to defeat you.

Your nice land commander
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"Don't complain. Assess & adjust."




Feb 28th 2019, 20:17:59

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Feb 28th 2019, 20:31:29

Mess with me you better kill me, or I'll just take your pride & joy and jack it up

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Feb 28th 2019, 20:49:03

lol, I saw that he hit you three times and was wondering if we'd see a retal or 100..




Feb 28th 2019, 20:55:25

yea i was gonna ask when killing happens.
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