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Nov 20th 2019, 7:08:32

the current proposal is you can take 10% of

land buildings food tech oil cash

from the various ways of taking stuff, grabs, specials, spyops

but its possible for unprovoked aggressors to cripple a country enough in land/buildings that they would be very limited in getting anything back

less an issue in tag servers since someone else can retal, but its always preferable for a country to bounce back rather than giving someone else in a tag free land

so in solo servers assuming 2 equal countrys the aggressor could ss/ps>chem/ab>nuke

taking perhaps 30% land then cheming 30% buildings abing 30% buildings and nuking 30% acres just to pick a potential value

that leaves you with

70% land with 34% built that then becomes 49% land with 34% built which caps effective land taken back at 17%

if instead the current DR formula was inverted to increase the maximum taken % from 10% at 0-2 dr up to 100% at 14 dr assuming a significant enough attack (14 hits) it would be very hard for retals to not be able to get full returns

the negative DR could use either normal halflife or c:c halflife depending on how long you want it to last, or even full set if that was desired

the only downside to this is if warmongers want to use the 10% returns as a tool in war, bur if its only applied country:country it would still have an effect but if it was tag wide it wouldnt

so if you want to allow both possible you could make formal tag dec war remove the effect of negative dr



Nov 20th 2019, 15:03:27

I think its a good suggestion in general.

The main problem I see is that was is just kills upon kills right now and with this change any alternate strategy such as maiming a bunch of people will be significantly weaker due to it increasing the potency of the maimed countries to fight you in the comming hours. In general I want warfare to be more complex than just endless GSing.

So I would like it to go hand in hand with something like an increase of the cost to killing someone, either in time, in turns or in resources. There are many such suggestions floating. The two that pop into my mind first are

1. Spal formula changed to Spies/(land^0.5) and cause dissention op weakened slightly. (Makes BR relatively stronger in comparison with GS)
2. Special attacks recieve attack specific DR to make killing with only GS or only BR significantly more turn wasting while hybrid kills remain the same and maiming remain the same.


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Nov 20th 2019, 16:26:40

making it just apply country:country would make war more complex again

since as well as the 10% reduction there would be an exception on the reduction for the countries you hit or hit you


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Nov 20th 2019, 19:36:48

Originally posted by Gerdler:

I'm 100% on board with this