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Dec 21st 2019, 7:29:30

any chance that theres a way to allow country renaming early set either on the first day where you cant login from the countdown screen

or until you leave protection or just the first 24 hours
30 would be about as soon as you could leave prot as well which could work

this is a niche thing but could be nice because some people like to make countries instantly for low number but some tags like to make themes

and if your basing your theme on who won some competition last set you need to wait until the set ends to notify people

assuming there was a way to carry over clan membership from set to set then having a notification/message on theme in game that someone could set would be good too


Game Development

Dec 21st 2019, 17:02:14

ya, that seems reasonable -- maybe a Premium perk or something for the naming?

carrying over clans from round-to-round is also something very much on my mind
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EE Patron

Dec 21st 2019, 18:24:32

yeah always nice to use cosmetic type features for monetisation if you want to go that way

anything that reduce barrier to entry for clans has good potential :)



Dec 21st 2019, 21:20:32

*alliances not clans
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