Aug 9th 2019, 16:31:07

Op: Spy Country News
Effect: You get a random news history out of the 4 available that spans the entire reset; Defending, Ally, Spy, Market.
Defending news also include current DR and C:C DR level in exact two-decimal numbers.
Spy news include current level of Spy DR.
Market spy includes summaries of different time periods sales and purchases.
Ally news is just strong because it gives you a free spy on alliances.

1. Historically aid has been a matter of conflict and there is no way to prove it happened or didn't during a reset.
2. Market aid can also be part of that.
3. The work involved in calculating DR is immense and cannot feasibly be done manually in any complex news, so its an unknowable unknown while clever guesswork along with some simple math can give you an idea.
4. Spy DR is a great unknowable unknown factor.

Discussion: if all the news came from one op it would be overpowered but by forcing a player to gamble and or take several ops in order to get the one he needs the investment is also rather vast.