Feb 3rd 2019, 15:19:21

At the moment the bonus in express gets you your GDI then is pretty useless.

Tourney bonus is juiced nicely - presumably because its a shorter game (ie over the course of set you get less bonuses). The same logic applied to express should give you much more bang for your buck.

You get ~40 points over a 5 day game vs 120 points in a tourney game, and twice that again in alliance... (ignoring forum). Even if you look at points/turn express is almost the same as tourney.

I think the bonus is a great mechanic, I think it adds a nice dynamic. It just doesn't feel very useful on express right now :(

I think you could probably go as high as 3x what you get in tourney without it breaking the game too much. Love me those late set booms on a fat stocking country :D




Feb 4th 2019, 21:04:02

this has been suggested before many times it is on qz bucket list etc
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Feb 7th 2019, 0:07:24

I was thinking about this a while back.. should automatically apply the bonus points every so many turns to countries.

You can still have the traditional ad bonus turns... they would be bonus bonus turns 😀😀😀




Feb 10th 2019, 15:17:48

I agree that the limited bonus points and limited usefulness of those few bonus points you do get on express is completely disproportionate to the other servers.

But i tend to see that as an advanage for express.

On the other servers, you pretty much have to get the bonus points and apply them well to be competitive. I thiink express is the one server where you can kinda ignore the bonus system and still manage to play a pretty solid set.

And since express is often the (re)introductery server, it seems ok to me that you don't need to master the bonus system to play well on express - time enough for that after you are hooked again


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