Jan 11th 2020, 16:45:21

Change the AB's back to the way it was

It is incredibly stupid that tanks on an artillery barrage can only destroy the type of buildings that you have in your own country

If i had 0 tanks, 100000 farms and 0 ICs. And you're all ICs and CS with 750k tanks. You do exactly 0 buildings per AB.

This is the definition of unrealistic in a war game

Please fix it asap



Jan 11th 2020, 18:11:22

Agreed. It doesnt make sense that for war on solo servers. Some might argue that it can make for interesting target selection in alliance warfare, pairing up attackers with different targets.... but I dont. I think the part of the change that affects special attacks building destruction should be changed to a limit of total buildings instead of buildings of the specific type.
That way a 5000 acre country cant demolish a 100k acre country in 50 turns but a 50k acre casher can AB a 50k acre farmer or indy or techer of 30-100k acres with good effect