Sep 2nd 2019, 16:36:33

SO I got to this is a spinoff from another thread.
What old rules would you bring back?

1. Go back to restarts at 100 acres full turns but if you put stuff on market and it sold you log into the cash. With bots and military-oil purchasing, this rewards well built coutries, and with 2-3 proper kills eliminates a suicider.

2.Missle market, and bring back the BIO missle.

3. Spies on the market:)

4. Less turns (Here me out) We have fewer numbers...less turns=a few things....1. Less pressure on bot lands. 2. Less effective FS, and suicides as we could go back to 80/80 vs 120/120. Many of us are older and the slower pace would make the game even easier to play focus on.


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Sep 2nd 2019, 16:53:57

It's weird comming back to tournament having a slower pace than alliance.. tournament used to be the fastest pace server before my hiatus.

Reducing the pressure on the bot land can be done by adding more bots very easily, so thats not a valid reason. A lot of rebalancing would have to be done to accomodate this, but in general I am in favor of a slower pace and 80(80) (or 80(120)) with 30-40 minute turns or something would suit me better. Grabbing 700-1000 times per reset on 1a is a bit repetetive lol.

That said we got like 2k turns in tournament and express, one with bots and one without bots, both Solo.
~3k turns in Primary and Team, both without bots, one solo and one tagged.
Alliance and FFA is ~4300 turns (before bonus stuff), both with bots and both with tags.

Lowering the turns on alliance to the same as team and primary will put an aweful lot of servers at the same number of turns. Hard to say how the others should change.


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Sep 2nd 2019, 21:35:15

I would favor less turns but I'd still like to store 120 so I don't have to play as often.


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Sep 2nd 2019, 21:53:40

The one you start from scratch when you get killed.

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Sep 2nd 2019, 22:17:59

Originally posted by KoHeartsGPA:
The one you start from scratch when you get killed.

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