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Jun 11th 2011, 20:13:00

One of the most requested things people ask me to work on is the inability to share ops between different hosting sites. Aponic is usually the one bringing it up :p

To solve this, we added a new system to allow for op sharing between clans from the game. The way it works is as follows:

- On the clan admin page, you will see you have an API key for your clan now. Copy it!
- Go into your hosting site of choice and create a dummy user. Enter the clan's API key into this account in the profile section. You may want to give the account some kind of name like "Spyop Uploader" or "Allied Ops". This is the same sort of API key that each player has, so it goes in the same field (Private menu -> Edit Profile and enter it in the field "EE API Key" on Boxcar).
- Log into your country and go to your clan admin page. You will see there is a section near the bottom of the page where you can send shared op requests to other clans. Send requests to clans you want to share ops with but use other hosting sites than your clan. If you are on the same hosting site, please use the "shared ops" features offered by those sites rather than the ingame system (so it saves us on bandwidth :-)).
- Have the other clan accept the pact on their clan admin page and then you will have op sharing enabled!
- Whenever a spy op (Spy, Ally op and Market op) is uploaded to your alliance's hosting site it will also be uploaded to your ally's hosting site. The individual user still has to turn on auto uploading, so if the user turns his auto-uploading off within his account, none of his spyops will be uploaded to the ally's site either.

This does not impact self-uploaded ops (advisor, market page and allies page) and is meant to be something used to help tags coordinate their war efforts.

This is a pretty benign system, so I've rolled it out with limited testing in Boxcar only. It required NO change on Boxcar to make it work, so I believe all the other hosting sites should likely not require any changes either. I added several new fields as well so hosting site owners can deal with these uploads in a special way, if they want.

These new GET fields/updated GET fields are:
shared_op = 1 //shared ops will always come with "shared_op=1"
destination_tag = the tag who is being given the op
uploader_tag = the tag of the country who performed the op
player_cnum = target country
uploader_cnum = 0 //always 0 for shared ops, so you can't tell who is online
player_site_id = the clan's api key //this is the same length and style as the normal user API keys, and is in the same field

Everything else works the exact same way and is backward compatible :)

Please let me know if there are any questions or bugs in the code!

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