Sep 8 - Nov 6
Sep 19 - Sep 23
Sep 2 - Sep 30
Aug 11 - Oct 9
Sep 2 - Oct 1
Active countries: 4009
Currently Logged in: 267

Alliance Clan: StrikeBrigadeOps (SBO)

Forty-fifth round: Apr 09, 2017 - Jun 08, 2017
Recruitment message: i need an active team, always. only rules are no random wars without checking in. also to treat each member as you would want them to treat you... other than that, happy gaming everyone and spend your turns wisely.
Clan Standings
Membership Rank20 of 28
Total Networth Rank25 of 28
Average Networth Rank25 of 28
Players in Green are under protection or on vacation.
Players in Red have been destroyed.
Players in Purple have been deleted for rules violations.
Players in Yellow are Non-Player Countries.
Special Codes
M=Monarchy D=Democracy R=Republic H=Theocracy C=Communism I=Dictatorship T=Tyranny F=Fascism
362 cassandra (#303)  Game profile 904$87,351 D

Total countries: 1

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